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Marlene Guzy, Administrative Assistant in the Dean's Office at the WVU College of Business and Economics, gives and receives appreciation every day. See what appreciation means to her.

Our Mission

Through our people and our values, the WVU College of Business and Economics is committed to educating and transforming our students, our state and our world toward greater prosperity.

At the College of Business and Economics, our people are the core of who we are, and our values guide all we do. Service, curiosity, respect, accountability and appreciation are the mechanisms through which we accomplish our goals. Our primary goal is much more than educating; it’s transforming. Whether acquiring, creating or disseminating knowledge, the process of learning leaves us forever changed, transformed. We embrace that spirit as we help the people and state of West Virginia realize their own transformations.

Our Vision

The WVU College of Business and Economics fosters a diverse and inclusive culture and builds business leaders while dedicating ourselves to excellence, innovation and ethics. We catalyze interdisciplinary solutions that advance economic growth in the state of West Virginia and beyond.

Through inclusion, excellence, innovation and acting ethically, we are an integral part of the growth of our students, state and partners. Education, research, outreach, executive education, consulting and all our efforts are critical intermediaries in the transformation of our stakeholders. We are their catalysts for change. We leverage all of our areas of expertise to meet and overcome the challenges faced by the people of West Virginia.

Our Values

SERVICE - We seek opportunities to serve others and are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

CURIOSITY - We ask questions, seek new opportunities and change through innovation.

RESPECT - We are respectful, transparent and inclusive with each other.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We perform at our very best every day to create a University that is responsive, efficient and effective.

APPRECIATION - We support and value each other’s contributions as we build a community that is One WVU.

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