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B&E Center for Career Development (CCD) Announces Fall 2014 Events

The WVU College of Business and Economics has long made it a priority to support students in their pursuit of employment. The Center for Career Development (CCD) facilitates relationships between students and employers and helps students identify career opportunities best suited for their interests and aspirations. This year, the Center looks to expand its outreach, and to encourage students to take advantage of their services earlier on in the year. 

“We provide comprehensive support from day one of the academic experience,” said Jennifer Bellucci, Director of the CCD. The job search process begins on their first day at B&E, and I would recommend for all students to begin their academic endeavors with the end goal in mind.”

Below are some activities the Center will offer during the Fall 2014 semester to help students prepare for the job search.


According to CCD Assistant Director Kellyn Smith, employers are coming to college campuses earlier and earlier in the semester to recruit top talent. In order for students to feel prepared, the CCD will host Mock Interview Week the week of September 8-12. Area HR practitioners will facilitate the interviews.

“Companies are often using behavioral-based interviewing techniques for their interview processes,” Smith said. “We’re using that for the mock interviews to give students a chance to practice formulating their responses. The hope is, they will get asked a tough question in the mock interview, and then they can take the time to think about how they would want to respond for the real interview.” 

Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to sign up on the CCD website or Mountaineer TRAK to schedule an appointment any day that week from 9a-4p. 


It is frustrating and disappointing to spend several semesters studying a subject in school, only to find out that you don’t like the field in the real world. To keep those disasters at bay, the CCD offers a Job Shadowing Program for freshmen and sophomores to get acquainted with their major and find out early on if it’s something they want to pursue.

“It’s important (for students) to find out if its something they could do every day,” Smith said. “It doesn’t have to be exactly what they’re majoring in. We look for this to be an initial experience where students get some exposure to the real workplace and get a better idea if it would be something they’re interested in.” 

The Job Shadowing Program isn’t new, as past classes of students have shadowed at WVU in business areas like accounting and human resources. The difference this year is that the CCD is expanding the job shadowing opportunities to outside employers as well. Smith said the Center looks at students’ interests and availability to find the best employer match.

The program requires two shadowing experiences during the semester, which the student and employer mutually agree upon. If a student and the employer desire to complete additional hours, they are welcome to do so.   

Students can register online or through MountaineerTRAK through September 12.


Every semester, the CCD hosts Spotlight on Industry (SOI), an assortment of mini career fairs held right at B&E that make it easy for students and faculty to meet face-to-face with employers in a specific field. 

Starting this fall, two new additions to these events include offering professional LinkedIn photos, free of charge, and a check-in process that allows students to register and have a nametag printed off upon their arrival. There will also be a raffle drawing for the chance to win professional attire from local businesses. 

For the Fall 2014 semester, the CCD will highlight the following industries:

Financial services, banking and insurance (Sept. 10)
Professional Sales and retail (Sept. 24)
Information Systems and Consulting (Oct. 16)
Hospitality and Tourism (Oct. 29)
Government agencies, contractors and non-profits (Nov. 12)


The CCD is able to assist students with their resumes by appointment throughout the entire semester, but Resume 911 is an opportunity to get the help they need without having to make an appointment. 

Staff from the CCD can fix resume-formatting issues, answer questions and help students highlight their skills. Smith said that some students tend to not see how their part-time jobs are applicable to a professional setting.

“We help them figure out how to rephrase the job responsibilities to make them applicable so they can stand out,” she said.

To stay up to date with the CCD’s programming and other opportunities, visit their website here.