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Curt Moore: B&E opportunity represented something ‘unique’

Curt Moore

Throughout his years in business, creating start-up after start-up and working in corporate development, Curt Moore knew that what he really wanted was to get his Ph.D.

A native of New Mexico, Moore attended Texas Tech University (TTU) for all three of his degrees (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate) and taught for five years at Texas Christian University (TCU) before moving back to TTU for some time. That’s when he got the call to come to West Virginia University – another school in the Big 12 Conference, and his university of choice thus far.

Moore began teaching at WVU as an associate professor of management during the summer of 2014, and immediately felt that he was where he should be.

“When I interviewed here, I could just sense that there really was something unique about this college, and the degree to which people get along,” Moore said. “Each individual department values each other, and unlike other places I’ve been, there aren’t any office politics at B&E. The environment is such a positive one, and the people in Morgantown are very nice – all of these things were huge attractions for me to come here.”

Moore was interested in the opportunities presented to him to be put as a chair for entrepreneurial studies, and to work closely with Ph.D. students, as he’d done so at TTU and TCU previously. Even more attractive for him was that the doctorate programs offered at B&E were fairly new, and the college was interested in developing entrepreneurship more thoroughly as an undergraduate major.

“A big draw for me to come to WVU was the opportunity to be a part of something that was quite new and in the early stages of development,” Moore said. “We’re developing an entrepreneurship major and I was integral to that process, and I’m also on the Ph.D. committee for our department.

“What I like about this college is that we’re always looking at where we need to go next, always going forward. It’s very interesting to me.”

He is currently working toward tenure, which will come up for him in the next year, as well as constantly continuing his extensive research in management and entrepreneurship. 

Moore and his family reside in Fairmont, West Virginia, on two acres of land. He enjoys riding bikes, experimenting with woodworking and cleaning his pool.

“It’s really beautiful here in this state, and I love living here. I thought I had seen trees before, but I had never seen trees like this before coming to West Virginia,” he said. “I’m also happy to be able to experience the four seasons in West Virginia and enjoyed when each season changed, since Texas basically had two seasons: summer, and not summer.”