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WVU standout football receiver David Sills: Football, finance and the business of life going forward

For David Sills V, the road to West Virginia University was anything but typical. And, as it turns out, his departure will be just as unique.

As he walked across the stage at the WVU Coliseum on December 15 to receive a finance degree, Sills realized that a new chapter had just started. But don’t think that what he learned at the John Chambers College of Business and Economics or the Mountaineer he has become will leave him anytime soon.

WVU supply chain students tackle global problem of low access to food beginning with project in West Virginia

When you combine West Virginia’s rural disbursement of residents with its less-than-affluent, average demographic, the present day result is that the state has become a desert. That is, a “food desert,” where a large percentage of the state’s population resides significant distances from supermarkets and reliable food sources.

Supply CHain