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Business Incubator

We provide top-level professional development and leadership opportunities with hands-on experiential learning, so that our students can continue to land jobs with prestigious companies. 

A Career in Hospitality

U.S. jobs depend on tourism and hospitality 

Above Average

Entrepreneurship and Innovation salaries are currently above the national average – 

Mean starting salary at


A Global Perspective

We offer a number of opportunities to add an international dimension to your studies outside of the classroom by participating in programs that span the globe. Check out our three-credit hour, short-term study abroad courses, and semester-long experiences.

Amy Toscano portrait

Student Profile: Amy Toscano

How would you describe Amy Toscano? Engaged in her college experience – and embracing every opportunity that comes her way. A senior in global supply chain management at the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Amy has found a passion for doing whatever she can to get others engaged in the organizations in which she is active. And there are many.

Originally from East Stroudsburg, Pa., Amy chose to become a Mountaineer – and that is a decision that she still celebrates, as it was the first step in opening the door to opportunities that fit her interests and strengths.