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Alumni Spotlight

Charles Labritz

Charles Labritz

Alumni Spotlight: Charles Labritz

December 28, 2012

After earning a finance undergraduate degree in 2000 — and a dozen years in the wealth management field — Charles Labritz wanted to sharpen his analytical skills. He enrolled in the College of Business and Economics Executive MBA program, which is accredited by the AACSB International, the premiere organization for setting business school standards.

Labritz is Associate Vice President – Investments and a Fundamental Choice Portfolio Manager, at Harper and Labritz Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors in Morgantown, W.Va.

His undergraduate education and experience had given him a solid foundation, but he wanted to widen his horizon with new ideas and new abilities.

"I wanted to build on my current knowledge so that I would have an even tighter grip on investment portfolio management," he said. "This would include analyzing corporate balance sheets and the impact of macroeconomic events on investment asset classes."

He returned to WVU for an EMBA partly because of the faculty he'd encountered as an undergraduate. "I live and work in Morgantown, and proximity was one reason for choosing WVU. However, the primary motivation was the relationships I developed with the WVU B&E faculty," he said. "These associations began in undergraduate classes and continued during my professional career."

Labritz, who received his EMBA degree in 2004, said the students he worked with during his EMBA endeavor came from diverse backgrounds and provided many networking opportunities. "The students in my EMBA class were all established professionals. This enhanced my learning experience. I was able to build on the class material with the career experience of each colleague."

Labritz recently achieved Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation through the College of Financial Planning, and he believes his education helped him reach this goal. "The academic knowledge that I acquired during the EMBA program has enabled me to perform with a high level of intellectual ability. In my opinion, one of the most powerful aspects of the program is taking the class material and pairing it with the experience of your classmates. This creates long term professional relationships that develop into valuable networking opportunities."