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Public Finance

BBER has a long history of research and analysis of public finance and public policy issues in West Virginia. BBER researchers have been involved in various tax reform efforts including West Virginia Governor Manchin's Tax Modernization Project. BBER research faculty and staff have conducted studies on state and local fiscal policy, tax incidence, property tax, highway user taxes, revenue forecasting and adequacy, K-12 educational finance, and tax revenue estimates associated with economic development activities.

Recent projects include:

  • Economic incidence of West Virginia taxes
  • Development financing in Florida's Broward County
  • Municipal financing in West Virginia
  • Comprehensive analysis of the state school aid formula in West Virginia
  • Future of the West Virginia State Road Fund and funding options
  • Economic and fiscal impacts of retirees in West Virginia
  • Interstate competition in state lottery revenues
  • Revenue impacts from West Virginia cigarette tax increases

Recent BBER public finance research has been supported, in part, by the West Virginia Municipal League, West Virginia Department of Revenue, West Virginia Legislature, West Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Bernard McDonough Foundation.

BBER researchers have developed the personal income tax and business tax calculators for sophisticated analysis of tax burdens in West Virginia. BBER research is accessible through the publication database and includes research monographs, policy reports, and a working paper series.