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How to Schedule a Tutoring Session

1. Access SSC Campus here:

2. Click the Get Tutoring button.

Note: The button text may have been customized by your school to say something like "Make a Tutoring Appointment" or "Schedule at the Tutoring Center".
Screenshot showing location of Get Tutoring Button on campus.eab site

3. On the Schedule a Tutoring Appointment screen, choose a service: Writing Tutoring (B&E), Presentation Tutoring, or B&E Adobe Consultation and our location (Business Communication Center).

Screenshot showing services selection listed above in bullet 3


4. Review the list of available times and tutors.

  • Open - Available time when you may schedule an appointment with the corresponding tutor.
  • Drop-In - The tutor is available for students to drop in during this time.
  • Course - You have a course during this time.
  • Advising - You have an advising appointment during this time.
  • Tutoring - You have a tutoring appointment during this time.
  • N/A - The tutor is not available during this time.

To choose a different date, click the calendar icon in the top left corner of the scheduling grid.

5. Choose a tutor and time by clicking an Open block.

6. In the Create Appointment dialog, enter your comments. You can also select to receive an email or text message reminder.

7. Click Submit.