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International Academy of Management Excellence (Since 1997)


The International Academy of Management Excellence provides long-term management education to high-level business leaders in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xian, China. Each year since 1997, corporate partners travel to China with West Virginia University business faculty to offer two-day seminars on successful business and industry management practices.

High-level Chinese executives who cannot regularly travel to the United States receive a specialized educational program taught by U.S. business executives and university faculty. U.S. companies gain business exposure to high-level Chinese decision makers who otherwise would not be accessible. The Academy is co-sponsored and facilitated by the municipal governments of Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xian.

Participants are carefully chosen based on their ability to have a positive impact on development of the region's economy. They gain knowledge essential to conducting business in a market economy and make contacts with corporate executives from companies interested in long-term business relationships in China.

U.S. corporate partners get significant media attention as "friends of education" in China and gain a reputation that will open many doors through the development of important relationships with Chinese leaders in business and government.