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Chinese Municipal Government Executive Education Program (Since 1994)

Great Wall

For the past fifteen years, the Center for Chinese Business has been instrumental in educating government and business leaders from China's three largest cities: Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin. High-level business and government officials study at West Virginia University for six months, exploring international business, strategic planning, regional international business, strategic planning, regional economic development, international financial market, American culture, and English. They also meet key leaders in American companies through corporate seminars and visits.

The Center now has more than 200 Chinese alumni in leadership positions throughout China including the President of Shanghai Construction Company, Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Airlines, Vice-mayor of Tianjin, Director of Shanghai Post Bureau, and the Vice-president of Baoshen Steel Group.

There are many more Center alumni in significant government and business positions who have developed strong ties to West Virginia. The Center continually aligns itself with U.S. corporate partners who recognize the long-term business value of developing relationships with its special network of Chinese alumni and friends.