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Web Services

The Chambers Strategic Communications team works directly with WVU University Relations-Digital Services to maintain, develop and improve the Chambers College website and affiliated web properties. If you have a question, concern or update to any of our web properties, please use the Web Content Update form to inform our team. 

Requesting a Faculty Site

University Relations will support faculty sites on clean slate. Please fill out the form to begin the process of getting your new site. While UR will assist in creation of these sites, the responsibility of creating and maintaining content is the faculty members. You can read more about the process on the  Getting Started page from UR. The college web developer can assist with technical difficulties, not with content. 

Form tips:

  • College Communicator's Name and Email: Heather Richardson, 
  • College Prof-tech's Name and Email: Tanner Yuhase, 
Request a faculty website