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MBA-M.S. Finance Dual Degree

By coordinating the plans of study in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) via the dual MBA/MSF degree, students will be able to obtain both an MBA and an MS in Finance degree in 69 credit hours. Taken independently, these two nationally accredited graduate degrees would normally consist of 84 credit hours.

Students seeking to enter the dual-degree program must apply separately to each program and be admitted independently to the College of Business and Economics’  Master of Business Administration program and the  Master of Science in Finance program. The selection processes will be administered concurrently spring semester and students must satisfy admission requirements of both programs.

MBA as a gateway to M.S. Finance or M.S. Finance-Energy Area of Emphasis

If you are an academically qualified student with a quantitative background such as engineering, business, mathematics, or computer science but don't have a finance or accounting background, you have two options:

  • You can complete the 14-month MBA program, and then stay the following fall semester to take four additional finance courses. This leads to an MBA with an Emphasis in Finance, which is awarded in December. This is the ideal option for students who seek careers in management fields which require a thorough understanding of finance.
  • You can be admitted into the MBA program, then apply to the M.S. in Finance program during your spring semester. With this option, you will earn both an MBA and an M.S. in Finance in two years.