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With our prescriptive plan of study, 48 credit hours are completed over a 2 year period. Typically, 9 credit hours are taken each fall and spring semester and 6 credit hours are taken each summer semester. All courses are a total of 3 credit hours. Many courses in the fall and spring semesters are only a half semester in length, which results in no more than two courses being completed at a time.

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Core Courses

  • BADM 612 - Managerial and Team Skills
    Introduces, develops, and enhances managerial skills for complex organizations. Explores managerial philosophies, one's own managerial style, and the dynamics of working groups and teams.
  • BADM 621 - Business Research
    Develops skills in data- driven, fact-based decision making; develops the ability to critically evaluate research proposals and studies which rely on business research; provides a basic understanding of reading and conducting empirical research.
  • BADM 622 - Financial Statements Analysis
    Provides an overview of the current financial reporting process. Includes discussion of the respective reporting vehicles, financial statements, and the alternatives available which affect the reporting process.
  • BADM 641 - Decision Analysis for Executives
    Applied mathematical course in solving business problems and decision making issues from a general managerial perspective with particular emphasis on the operations management area of the organization.
  • BADM 631 - Managerial Economics
    Provides a solid foundation of economic understanding for use in managerial decision-making. Topics covered include supply, demand, markets, pricing practices, and firm strategies in contestable markets.
  • BADM 623 - Strategy
    Considers the relationship between the individual firm and the forces of the global economy; market research and strategy. Provides analytical tools and frameworks used for identifying and analyzing key strategic issues facing firms today.
  • BADM 613 - Macroeconomics
    Explores how monetary and fiscal policies influence macroeconomic performance, and how macroeconomics impacts business profitability and success. Multi-disciplinary approach that synthesizes macro-economic, business strategy, and management perspectives.
  • BADM 644 - Legal Environment and Ethics
    An overview of the legal system and the legal and ethical issues relevant to business decision-making, planning, and the interface between business, government, and society.
  • BADM 652 - Marketing Strategy
    Application of marketing concepts to a business environment to enhance understanding of market-driven organizations with emphasis on the process of planning and executing then conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services.
  • BADM 632 - Corporate Finance
    Examines the capital decisions of the firm. This includes a review of the major funding sources for the form and the elements of the decision-making, planning, and the interface between business, government, and society.
  • BADM 611 - Management Information Systems
    This course focuses on the management of information and technology in business, and uses lectures, case analysis, and hands-on exercises to explore software tools used in business decision-making.
  • BADM 633 - Leadership
    Topics include leadership concepts and practices designed to motivate and support an organization's workforce. Students discuss principles of leadership and explore how these principles affect traditional human resource management topics.
  • BADM 653 - Integrated Global Business
    Explores the various strategic planning options available to companies in order to compete in the global marketplace.
  • BADM 661 - Executive Project 1
    This course provides an opportunity to develop and demonstrate project management skills through the preparation and presentation of a feasibility study of a proposed project/business implementation plan.
  • BADM 662 - Executive Project 2
    This course provides an opportunity to develop and demonstrate project management skills through the preparation and presentation of a full and complete project/business implementation plan.


  • BADM 638 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Considers the concepts of supply chain management and the design/operation of productive systems. Emphasizes quality, competitiveness, and their implications for strategy and the use of analysis tools of management science and statistics.
  • BADM 651 - Personal Financial Planning
    Discussion of individual financial situations in the following areas: budgeting, insurance coverage, investment planning, credit management, retirement planning and estate planning.
  • ILR 543 - Negotiation Strategy
    Theory and practice of both principled negotiations and position bargaining; extensive role play and technique building exercises for individual and team negotiations; detailed preparation methods for all types of personal and professional negotiations.
  • BADM 591X - Strategic Communications
    The course provides a study of public relations, reputation management and communication. The course includes an introduction to communication strategy, function and performance. Students will be introduced to the principles of executive and personal branding; media relations; community relations; multicultural and multigenerational communication; integrated marketing communication; crisis communication; social media; and how organizations manage relationships with important audiences.
  • BADM 562-7D2 - International Business *
    Course discusses various international cultures, concepts, and business practices and is followed by a trip to a foreign country (e.g., Germany, China) that includes seminars by business leaders and trips to business and historic sites.
  • MKTG 440 - Export Management **
    Student teams work directly with participating companies to develop export business plans for specific products and specific countries.

* International Business is taken online in the spring semester with the mandatory 10-14 day trip to Germany or China taken at the end of the semester. Watch a video about the international trip experience.

** Export Management is an ON CAMPUS elective taken in the spring semester. Classes meet one weekend per month on Friday night and Saturday until 4:00 PM.