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Online MBA

Kerry Gnik

National Guard Online MBA Student

Kerry Gnik

Kerry Gnik was born in Kingwood, WV and grew up a Mountaineer fan. She joined the military and attended several universities while getting her Bachelor's degree. Gnik was advised and motivated by her boss and husband to go back to school for her MBA. She said knowing that she finally had an opportunity to get a degree from WVU was a dream come true. One of the major advantages of earning her MBA as a military member was that with the military's tuition assistance, the price of furthering her education was a deal she couldn't resist.

Gnik said "I think at first I was intimidated and worrying whether I'd fit in, whether after all of these years I could handle going back to school." As part of the on-line EMBA program the initial orientation was at WVU and in-person, Gnik explained it was great meeting everyone and hearing their stories.  She soon realized that the majority of the students were just like her. Gnik has found that she actually enjoys school so much more now as an "older" person.  She said she is now truly able to apply what she's learning to what she does on the job. Gnik has two children in grade school, this experience has also helped her to teach them that you're never too old to learn and never too old to struggle with homework.

As a married mother of two young children, working a full-time job, and going back to get her MBA, Gnik knew she would have a lot on her plate.  However, she explained that the WVU personnel have been outstanding when it comes to communication and support. "Whether it's the support staff or the professors, everyone demonstrates that they're on my team and are there to see me succeed.  It's very comforting in my challenging life!"

Gnik hopes that the WVU Online MBA program will increase her advantages in the job market once she retires from the military.  She loves that when her boss introduces her now to people, or even when her boss introduces her to people, they always add the caveat that she is pursuing her Online MBA at WVU.