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Accounting Ph.D.

The West Virginia University's Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting is designed to prepare qualified individuals for a career in scholarly accounting research and teaching at the university level. The doctoral program is offered to a relatively small, highly qualified, and motivated group of students who demonstrate the potential to become highly regarded scholars in the field. Doctoral students are expected to be in residence on a full-time basis throughout the duration of the program, and will work closely with faculty on a one-on-one basis.

Highly individualized program

Each doctoral student is paired to faculty member with similar research interests. The faculty member will work closely with the student and will serve as a research mentor throughout the duration of the program. Currently, the training, background, and interests of the doctoral faculty support behavioral and archival research in fraud, forensics, and ethics across the functional accounting areas of accounting information systems, audit, financial, governmental, international, and managerial accounting. Therefore, the most competitive applicants for consideration would be those with an interest in fraud, forensics, and ethics research.

The individual plan of study for each candidate will be determined by the student, the faculty mentor, and the Ph.D. committee.

Placement record

The ultimate measure of a PhD program is a function of the placement of the PhD graduates and the success of those graduates as they move through the promotion and tenure process (P&T) after being awarded a degree. Successful placement and subsequent promotion and tenure is dependent on rigorous admissions requirements, completion of an appropriate plan of study, and demonstrated ability to publish high quality research. Our goal is for our PhD graduates to find positions at research-oriented institutions of higher learning.