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Economics Graduate Degree Certification Process


Students graduating with an M.A. or Ph.D. degree must formally apply for graduation and fulfill all requirements for the degree.


At the beginning of each semester all graduate students, faculty and staff are notified by e-mail of the diploma application deadline.

After the student completes the diploma application, the application must be approved and signed by the Graduate Coordinator.


  1. Pull the files of all students who have applied for graduation and set them apart from the active files for auditing purposes.
  2. Graduation requirements as detailed in Rules and Regulations for Econ Grad Students.
    1. Verify that the composition of the dissertation or thesis committees meet the criteria.
    2. Verify that the student is within the maximum departmental and university time limits for completion of the degree.
    3. Verify that the course and exam requirements are satisfied.
      1. Check the course numbers, credit hours, and grades against STAR.
      2. Verify the completion of the required number of course work hours and research hours.
      3. Verify that grade requirements are met.
      4. Verify that the theory and field comprehensive exams were passed.
  3. Verify that the student is currently enrolled.
  4. Upon scheduling the Dissertation or a Thesis defense
    1. Check that university and departmental time requirements are met as detailed in Minimum Time Requirements.
    2. Verify that the Proposal Defense was passed.
    3. Prepare a Shuttle Sheet and supporting documents for the committee chair. The Committee’s decision will be reported on the Shuttle Sheet included in the student file.
    4. Check that the Graduate Coordinator approves the committee composition as listed on the Shuttle Sheet.
  5. Verify approval of the ETD submission to the Wise Library.
  6. When the grades are posted verify that:
    1. Student has passed all courses.
    2. All “I” grades have been changed.
    3. The cumulative G.P.A. is 3.0 or higher.
    4. All grades meet or exceed specific departmental minima.