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Graduate Student Teacher Information

Graduate student teachers at the WVU College of Business and Economics are professionals. To your students, you are the face of WVU. You are the face of the academic discipline of Economics.

  • All teaching assignments are made by the Chair of the Department. Typically, you will not be assigned to teach your own class before the summer following your second year. If you are ready and willing to teach, please make an appointment with the Chair to discuss your possible assignments.
  • Once you are assigned to teach a section, you must create a syllabus that meets college and university guidelines. A good place to start is by requesting a sample syllabus used from a faculty member who has taught the course in the past. Review the  Syllabus Requirements and Recommendations .
  • All sections of each course must have that course’s officially approved Learning Objectives on the syllabus. See “Course Information” below to find the specific objectives and common content for your course, and check them against your draft syllabus.
  • Put your syllabus on the H-drive at H:\____AACSB Data\Syllabi by the end of the first week of classes.
  • Be sure to order textbooks for your course from the University Bookstore in a timely manner. Get in touch with the textbook representative (names and contact information are available from the publisher’s website) to obtain a desk copy and supplements.
  • Order your  student evaluations of instruction (SEI) about mid-semester. Specify any supplemental questions you wish to add to the form, and make a decision as to how you will administer the SEI. You want to maximize the number of students who respond.
  • At the end of the semester or early in the following semester, please provide an electronic copy AND a paper copy of your Student Evaluations to the Division of Economics & Finance's program assistant Ms. Karen Smith. This information is required for those who hope to teach again for the Division, is helpful to faculty who will write letters of recommendation for you, and will typically be included in your job market packet.
  • Please make sure to have your class observed by a peer teacher (another graduate student who is teaching this semester) on two occasions during the semester. It should be a different peer observer each time. For each peer observation, the instructor and observer must fill out a form. Both the instructor and the observer must fill out a  Classroom Observer Report. The observer must fill out a  Classroom Observer Feedback Report and share this with the instructor. It is up to graduate student teachers to organize these peer observations.
  • For classes during the Fall and Spring semesters instructors are required to give midterm grades. Actually the only grades we report are Ds and Fs. The University sends these out to notify students who are doing poorly in class. Please have a basis for your midterm grades. We do not do midterm grades for summer classes.
  • Do not add students to your class or tell students that they can add your class. Refer all students to the B&E Undergraduate Advising Office on the third floor of B&E. Only they can add students to your class.

Academic Dishonesty and Grade Appeals

You may have a case of cheating by one of your students. Here is WVU policy, summarized in two important one-page pdfs. If you encounter a case of academic dishonesty, please immediately consult with the Chair of the Department of Economics.

Course Information

Final Exam Schedule

Instructors are required to give a final and to give it at the university scheduled time and day. Please see for the current final exam schedule.

More Resources

Incomplete Grade Contract - To issue a grade of "I" the instructor and student must complete and sign the Incomplete Grade Contract.

Scanning Instructions - for those who use scantrons in large classes

Statement on Student Attendance from the WVU Faculty Senate

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Encouraging Civil Behavior in Large Classes