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Center for Executive Education

We support WVU’s outreach mission as a land-grant institution by offering professional development programs to improve organization's management practices and increase their economic viability. We do this through employee and executive-level training, limited consulting, professional education, and speaking engagements, and we accomplish our goals through seminars, workshops, and conferences. 

What We Do

Within the umbrella of the John Chambers College of Business and Economics and West Virginia University, experts in business and business-related disciplines reside with both practical and research experience. We can connect you to those experts to improve your organization. It is where you go when you want to move forward. 
Skills Development and Certifications  

Many large corporations have their own in-house educational campuses...let us be yours. 

Lean Six Sigma Certification 

The pace of change is accelerating, so the ability to focus on what is critical and use the right tools for the right problem is a paramount skill set to improve performance. We designed this course for organizations, leaders, and professionals seeking to develop the ability to respond to changes effectively, reduce costs, shorten cycle times, fix inefficient processes, prevent mistakes, manage bottlenecks, and enhance customer value. The course follows a process innovation and performance improvement system that combines Lean, Six Sigma, and Constraint Management. The training provides participants the methodologies and tools needed for solving problems, improving performance, and creating a more customer-focused approach. It targets highly motivated professionals in a multitude of settings, including hospitals, laboratories, clinical environments, and government services. The course consists of a series of live webinars and a live project over 15 weeks, and a face-to-face capstone presentation, leading to a WVU Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification upon successful completion. With the instructor's assistance, participants identify an organizational process for improvement and implement the body of knowledge and tolls directly into their work through a guided project.

PMP Certification

A career in project management offers a variety of jobs across industries, incredible growth potential, and excellent compensation. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a proven way to enhance your resume, elevate your career potential, and boost your earnings.

Forensic Management Academy

The Forensic Management Academy (FMA) is a unique program originally designed for current and aspiring forensic laboratory managers, law enforcement professionals and other forensic service providers.

Recent Achievements 

  • STEM Entrepreneurship Essentials (for STEM Ph.D. Students)
  • Leadership Education and Development for the WV Primary Care Association
  • Programs for Tianjin executives in collaboration with the Center for Chinese Business
  • Forensic Management Academy: Participants from 42 U.S. State, Puerto Rico, Canada, Estonia and Mauritius Islands
  • Customized programs for Mylan's front line supervisors
  • Washington Experience for WVU EMBA students
  • SHRM Learning System
  • Customized leadership programs for WV DEP
  • Executive Certificate in Academic Healthcare Administration for WVU HSC (Certificate in Leadership, Certificate in Financial Management, Certificate in Management)
  • Customized Forensic Management Academy for: United State Army Criminal Investigative Laboratory, Maryland State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, Arkansas State Police Crime Lab, Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office, NY Division of Criminal Justice System, Michigan State Police, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Lean Six Sigma for the DEA labs
  • Data Analytics for The Health Plan
  • Data Analytics workshop conducted in Bahrain
  • Cyber Security Management workshop conducted in Bahrain
  • Sexual Harassment and Bullying executive training
  • Fraud and Forensic update/training for the GAO