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Student Spotlight

WVU B&E senior finance major Aaditya Pawar

Aaditya Pawar

Finance senior is top five intern at Northwestern Mutual

March 28, 2017

One of our own here at the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics is among the top five interns in the country for Northwestern Mutual, and that’s senior finance major Aaditya Pawar.

A native of Morgantown, West Virginia, Pawar has been a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual since May 2016. And with this internship, he found a love for financial planning and advising.

“Having an impact on people’s financial security and financial lives is as important as any other field – whatever it may be. We are helping people become financially secure, which is a huge aspect of what people strive to be,” Pawar said. “When you work to retire, you want to make sure your assets are there. I think helping people, guiding them to where they want to be and what their goals are is why I want to take this financial planning, financial advising route.”

Being named among the top five interns is a top honor within the company and is based on specific criteria. Pawar has worked hard with important clients, like physicians, with high net worth to earn a high premium, which lead to this top spot.

“I have been blessed to be in the top five due to the fact that I am working within a market that is in real need of the work that we do. And with the guidance of my mentors, I’ve been able to get in front of people that are well-established and very successful in their careers,” he said. “The main thing is that I’m doing real work for professionals within the medical field in particular that are in need of this type of financial planning. It’s so rewarding to be able to do that in this stage of your career.”

Going into this internship, Pawar already had extensive experience working with physicians, as he formerly worked as a clerical assistant for WVU Medicine in his early years of his undergraduate college career.

“Working in certain departments has helped me reach back with some of the physicians that I was accustomed to working with when I was in that position,” he said. “When this came, I took it as a new opportunity to get my foot in the door of the business realm. I didn’t know what I was getting into or what it had in store, but it was great.”

Pawar also attributes his success to the help of his advisors and mentors, saying he couldn’t have done it without them. Working with these seasoned financial advisors has allowed him to put his best foot forward.

“It just feels great that I can start building my practice now, while I’m still here at school, but moving forward in a professional light and being able to connect with other advisors across the country that are doing well, too,” he said. “It’s been an unbelievable journey. There’s definitely more pressure now to do well. I’ve kind of set a benchmark, so keeping up with that will be tough, but doable.”

Being among the top interns has afforded Pawar other perks and learning opportunities within Northwestern Mutual. He has attended three retreat meetings, two of which are the summer and winter camps for the company.

“Summer occurred in September in Atlanta, where the top 50 interns in the southern region go for more training, motivation and inspiration,” he said. “And the following is winter camp, which was in February in Milwaukee. The top 100 interns in the country travel there for a three-day meeting where we learn more about the business, what you can look forward to in going full-time, and learning different strategies to enhance your business.”

Going to school and working 30 hours a week is no easy task, but Pawar does it with confidence. Today, he operates as a financial advisor, working either solely or jointly with other advisors to help clients through the financial planning process.

“During the first meeting, we introduce the financial planning process to our clients. The first thing we do is identify goals and what the client wants to get out of their financial plan and their lifestyle. We focus on three main categories – risk management, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and distribution,” he said. “The second meeting, I’ll take that information and put together a plan. We implement the plan and review it annually for the clients.”

Chief Development Director for Northwestern Mutual Laura Pierz is the head of the internship program for West Virginia, and with that role, she trains, coaches and develops the interns. Throughout Pawar’s time at the company, Pierz has witnessed this top intern demonstrate hard work, discipline, consistency and high activity.

“He has self-confidence, drive and a really great value system and work ethic. When you put that all together with his charisma, that makes for a perfect intern experience and potentially a great career advisor,” Pierz said. “He is also a great listener, and it’s easy to see he really cares about people.”

Ultimately, Pawar says he will strive to build his career here in Morgantown with Northwestern Mutual.

“I want to stay with the company, be in the company for 30 to 40-plus years. I see myself building a great practice with everybody from physicians to business owners, young professionals,” he said. “I see myself in Morgantown. I see myself being a top advisor in my office. I see myself being able to help people with asset management.”