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Student Spotlight

Bailey Lynch

Bailey Lynch

Third-generation Mountaineer studies supply chain management

December 29, 2014

Senior Bailey Lynch saw an opportunity and took it.

When the former marketing major found out through her advisor that B&E was about to establish an area of emphasis in Supply Chain Management, she thought she might want to try it out.

“I researched it and looked up potential jobs,” Lynch said. “The job placement (rate) is insane, it’s in such high demand. And not just in big cities – it’s everywhere.”

And fortunately for her, she just so happens to love the field.

“It’s highly time consuming, very organizational based, and it demands a personable person. All of those things drew me in,” she said.

Although classes only began this semester, Lynch got her supply chain wheels turning in the summer, when she was part of a handful of students who established the  WVU Supply Chain Management Association. The group serves to build relationships between SCM students, faculty and businesses; to promote the understanding of SCM throughout the University community; and to create a network with SCM organizations and businesses. 

Lynch, who serves as the organization’s vice president, said the SCMA has been very busy.

“The first part was recruiting, going to classes and explaining to the freshmen what supply chain is. We’ve also contacted B&E alumni who are working in supply chain – many of them had no idea that (the program) was starting up here. But now, several have come to our classes to speak about what they’re doing,” she said. “Graduating from B&E with a general business degree was helpful to them in getting started in supply chain, and now that we have this (area of emphasis), it’s going to help us so much more.”

Lynch has been particularly inspired by two of her professors, Dr. Ednilson Bernardes and Dr. John Saldanha, for taking the new program head-on.

“The knowledge they have about supply chain is just mind-boggling. They are amazing professors and they are doing a great job of trying to get us jobs after college.  They have done a lot of networking and have suggestions of people we should connect with,” she said. 

“There have already been employers coming (to campus) looking for students at B&E. It just goes to show how in demand this major is. They’re contacting us, which is so rare,” she said, adding that a few students have already been recruited for paid internships and full time jobs. 

Lynch, who will graduate in May 2015, has been interviewing for jobs at third-party logistics companies. She said she’d like to get a firm foundation in that setting before eventually going into operations as a warehouse manager.

Outside of B&E, Lynch is a fan of music, the Spanish language, and a member of the Mountain Honor Society. She’s also a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, and has participated in philanthropic activities for Autism Speaks.

But above all else, she is a proud third-generation Mountaineer. Both of her parents, her grandfather and several aunts and uncles are all alumni. Her twin brother Adam, a finance major, transferred to WVU after one semester elsewhere, realizing that WVU was the place he belonged. Lynch said she always knew she’d end up here.

“My parents told me I could go (to school) anywhere I wanted. But I wanted to go to WVU. It’s a family tradition on both sides. I told them I wanted to go back – to go back home,” she said.