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Student Spotlight

Brian Beal

Brian Beal

Honors student excited for sophomore year

August 28, 2013

Brian Beal, an Honors College student from Centerville, Va., is very pleased he joined B&E last spring.

"I was not in the business school my first semester," Beal said. "I realized what I was taking wasn't for me, so I came to talk to (undergraduate academic advisor) Joe Seiaman. He was on top of everything and he really knew the deal with the Honors College. He knew the classes I needed and helped plan out my whole college experience in our very first meeting. After talking to him, I knew immediately that B&E was where I wanted to be."

Seiaman helped Beal sign up for honors Accounting 201 with Dr. Presha Neidermeyer, which turned out to be his favorite class.

"She's awesome," Beal said of Neidermeyer. "The small class size was great, and we all got to know each other well. Accounting is hard, but I learned a lot because she teaches it very well. I'm really excited to have her again this semester for (Accounting) 202."

Beal, who is a first generation Mountaineer, said accounting was his favorite subject because of the class structure and teaching style, but he also really enjoyed economics.

"The subject matter that I found most interesting last semester was microeconomics," he said. "I am excited to take macro this fall."

Beal describes himself as a driven student and an effective communicator. Currently, he is a general business major, but his goal is to study finance.

"I love numbers and working with money. I'm excited to get deeper into that. Ideally, I'd like to work at a bank or financial institution in a large city like New York. That's my ultimate goal," he said. "I'm just driven and I want to be successful."

In the more immediate future, Beal has goals of maintaining his excellent grades, joining the Finance Club, and finding an internship in Washington, D.C., or New York City. He's also looking forward to his Business Communication course this fall.

"There are some really cool projects that we're going to do in there," he said. "One is an interview competition. It's in collaboration with some graduate students who will conduct the interview. Every student participates and then they rank you based on how well you interview. I'm really excited for that," he said.

In addition to learning in his courses, Beal has also learned through work experiences that have been useful in honing his communication skills with customers and management.

"At home, I've worked at a country club for the past couple years. The members are used to everything going smoothly, so when an issue arises, it's my job to help keep things running smoothly," he said. "I always try my best to make that happen."

He said he also always tries to be helpful to his fellow event staff coworkers, several of whom he trained for the job.

"We brought in a bunch of new employees this summer. It's a big place and it's hard to get the hang of where everything is. It was up to me to get them situated, to take them around and give them a tour, introduce them to people and provide tips here and there," Beal said. "I think they were glad I was training them. Many were in high school. I worked there when I was in high school, too, so I could relate to them well."

Outside of work and school, Beal enjoys golfing, volunteering, playing pick-up lacrosse and watching mob movies like  Scarface and  The Godfather with his friends. Like many Mountaineers, he also really enjoys attending WVU football games.

"Singing 'Country Roads' at the end of a game is an amazing feeling," he said. "Being a Mountaineer is a huge defining factor for me. We're a family here (at WVU.) B&E, in particular, is an awesome place to be. Everyone's professional and very friendly. I'm truly happy here."