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Online Tutoring

Student Instructions 

Accessing Your Online BCC Tutoring and Design Consultations

  1. Enter your name and student ID number to join the session. (Ex. John Smith 800100550) 
  2. Copy-paste your consultant’s room Collaborate link into the address bar. *Use the URL provided when you signed up for the session. 
  3. Disable any popup blockers you are running.
  4. At your appointment time, open Google Chrome (do not use another browser). 
  5. In Collaborate, you will see several permissions pop-ups for “Use your microphone” and “Use your camera.” Select “Allow” for each of these. 
  6. To share your screen with your consultant, ask them to give you sharing rights, then: 
    1. Select the purple icon at the bottom right of the screen to access application sharing. 
    2. Select the “Share Content” icon. (Box with an arrow)
    3. Select “Share Application/Screen.” 
    4. Select “Your Entire screen.” 
    5. Show your document or presentation. 
  7. At the end of your session, tell your consultant your professor’s name and email address. Your consultant will email your professor to verify that you participated in a session.

Note: Your consultant may take a screen capture during the session as additional evidence that you completed the session. Sessions are recorded for record-keeping, quality assurance, and training purposes.