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CRPro Program

accelerate your professional growth by serving as a CRPro!

This program pairs seniors with sophomores looking to enter similar fields and gain similar experiences.

Program Benefits

If you are a senior in the CRP program and have completed at least one internship, please consider serving as a CRPro. It means you are a Career Readiness "Professional" but you know, abbreviated. CRPros will earn 10 CRP points for mentoring a sophomore CRP student and helping to promote the Career Readiness Program to prospective members. 

Interested in being paired with a CRPro to help you reach your career/professional goals? CRPro Mentees earn 4 CRP points for participating.


Beyond earning 10 CRPro points, serving as a mentor will give you an opportunity to: 

  • Enhance your resume 
  • Develop leadership qualities and coaching experience
  • Reflect on your own professional goals and practices
  • Learn from your mentee and hear different perspectives, ideas, and approaches
  • Enhance marketing skills by helping to develop new recruitment strategies for the program 
  • Make a lasting impact on the program by providing feedback and new ideas
  • Make new friends across the Chambers College

CRPro Mentees

Beyond gaining 4 CRP points, working with a CRPro provides you with:

  • Opportunities to build your network
  • Encouragement and support for career development and growth
  • Accountability – someone who will check in and ask how you are doing with reaching your goals
  • Opportunities to learn from the experiences of others
  • Opportunities to learn about skills needed in your field and how to obtain them
  • New friends across the Chambers College


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