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Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing Program

The Chambers College Job Shadowing Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn more about a specific career path through an unpaid, on-site shadowing experience. This program enables students to gain exposure to a particular occupation or industry, establish professional contacts, and develop real-world insight into the day to day lives of working professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what professionals experience during a typical workday through first-hand observation.
  • Develop resume building skills by participating in program activities and meetings.
  • Explore career path options that pertain directly to a specific academic major or area of interest.
  • Establish an appropriate timeline for the internship application process as well as 
    the job search process.
  • Connect with professionals in a particular field of study. 
  • Develop networking skills to enhance employment opportunities and job searching skills.
  • Increase knowledge of industry trends.
  • Understand the importance of developing strong business acumen.

Student Information:

Students must have an active account on Handshake to RSVP for any shadow dates. Some employers may request a pre-screening process prior to the scheduled shadow date. All information regarding pre-screening and transportation will be provided prior to registering. Registration and further information regarding the Shadow Program can be found in Handshake.

As each shadow day is structured differently we recommend that all participating students dress business professional and bring a copy of their most recent resume. Depending on the employer the student may be required to fill out additional paperwork prior to the event.

Transportation may may be provided for out of town shadow dates. However students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the shadow site in the Morgantown Area. Professional conduct is expected throughout the course of the program, and students will be required to fill out an evaluation after completing the program.

Employer Information:

In addition to providing students with an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to various career paths and industries, the Job Shadowing Program enables University, outside employers, and WVU Alumni to engage with current students. Through the program, employers have a chance to introduce their organization to students in the Chambers College while building relationships that will aid in the development of talent pipelines for internships and employment opportunities.

Those Employers who are interested in participating should contact Ashley Lesnick at The Center for Career Development will strategically work with you, to identify interested students and faculty, to match your organizational needs. We are happy to accommodate groups of various sizes or individual shadow experiences.

When planning activities for the shadowing sessions, it is important to consider how to present students with a realistic preview of what it is like to work in that particular field or industry. We also recommend a time for students to ask questions and network with current employees. Information concerning details of the program, what to expect from the students, and some potential options for establishing an agenda for the shadowing experience will be provided via email.

Evaluation and Feedback:

At the end of the program, organizations will be asked to complete a survey regarding their experience and a brief evaluation of student participation. Additionally, students will submit an online evaluation about their overall experience. This information will be utilized to make continuous improvements to the program moving forward.