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Internship Success Playbook

Benefits of an Internship

In today’s business environment, students face an increasingly competitive job market. Employers often consider prior experience the single most important factor in making an applicant’s resume stand out. Internships are the perfect way to acquire relevant job experience before entering the job market.

  • Early Job Offer
    • Most recently, 45% of graduating B&E students who participated in an internship received a full-time job offer as a result of their performance as an intern.
  • Gain Exposure
    • Internships can give you a glimpse of what your career may look like which can help to reinforce your major and career path or allow you to adjust if need be.
  • Build Your Resume
    • Your resume will stand out more with applicable experience.
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Internships will help you meet people in your industry, network with business professionals and learn what it takes to be successful in your future career.

Tips for Finding an Internship

Internship Recruitment Process

Internships can be obtained year-round; however, the majority are offered in the Summer semesters.  If searching for an internship, it is best to regularly search Handshake for new opportunities, as local and regional opportunities are posted year-round. 

Traditionally, most larger organizations begin recruiting for summer interns during the previous Fall.  Even though you’re just returning from summer break, you need to be sure to engage in on-campus recruiting activities right away to avoid missing out on application deadlines. Remember: these organizations are recruiting at several universities–not just WVU–so you’re competing with students all over the country for these opportunities.

Employers will often use on-campus interviews or virtual/phone interviews as first-round interviews. If you make it past that round of interviews, you may expect to be invited to their office for interviews with team members and direct hiring managers.

Internship offers are usually made at the end of the Fall semester or beginning of the Spring semester. The organization will continue to stay in communication with you leading up to the start of your internship and may even require you to do some online training in advance.

Tips for Gaining an Advantage

  • Make sure your resume is up-to-date at the start of the Fall semester
  • Have a well-rehearsed elevator pitch ready to go
  • Make sure your suit is properly tailored and clean
  • Don’t be afraid to pursue an internship in an area of business that may differ from your major but that still interests you
  • Talk with past interns and faculty about their experience with the organization
  • Be sure to consider your finances in advance should you be pursuing an opportunity outside of Morgantown

How to Succeed as an Intern

So you’ve received and accepted an internship offer. Congratulations! The hard work is only just beginning.  Here are some recommendations for a successful internship experience.

  • Be punctual, not only when arriving to work, but also with deadlines
  • When given an opportunity to volunteer for a task, never hesitate to do so
  • If you need more direction or information to complete a project, don’t be afraid to ask
  • Communicate with your manager regularly–make sure you’re continuing to learn new things and develop through your internship
  • Adapt to the company culture and network with colleagues, but always remain professional

Earn Course Credit for your Internship

At the Chambers College, students can earn credit for their internship experience by registering for a Professional Field Experience (491) course.

Course Eligibility

  • Have been admitted into a major in the Chambers College 
  • Have completed a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours of Business and Economics upper division (300-400 level) course work
  • Be in good Academic Standing according to one’s major requirements

Course Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 150 hours of work to earn 3 credit hours 
  • Presentation (details to be coordinated with your internship Faculty Sponsor)

For More Information about Earning Course Credit, Contact

Ryan Noon    
Assistant Director, Center for Career Development