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Student Ambassadors

portrait of Kaitlin Cline

Kaitlyn Cline


"Refer to your syllabus to make sure you have completed assignments on time and to know when an exam is!"

Extracurriculars: Honors College, "The Pride of West Virginia" Mountaineer Marching Band, Sigma Alpha Iota

Favorite Place on Campus: Evansdale Crossing


  • Baking

  • Skiing

  • Playing the piccolo


  • Food: Spaghetti

  • Color: Hot pink

  • Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Why do you love WVU? I love that WVU is so passionate about celebrating the successes of every student. Achievements do not go unnoticed here. I love that B&E cares so much about its students and really prepares you to be a professional and knowledgeable businessperson.

portrait of Khufu Edwards

Khufu Edwards


"Please take the time to formulate your own opinions of people and how YOU feel about the the social climate on campus. Take heed to certain pieces of advice but ultimately, college is what you make it."

Extracurriculars: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., The Successful M.A.L.E. Initiative, Freshman Leadeship Program

Favorite Place on Campus: The College of Business & Economics


  • Going to the movies

  • Longboarding

  • Sleeping

  • Playing basketball and football

  • Playing NBA 2K and Madden on the PS4


  • Food: Crab legs and chicken wings

  • Color: Green

  • Movie: Les Miserables

Why do you love WVU? I love the school spirit, and all of the resources that we have available to us.

portrait of Madison Gray Madison Gray


"My advice for incoming students is to get ahead of your school work, take advantage of the resources the university and your professors provide, and seize every opportunity placed in front of you. Do not be afraid of change and embrace growth because college is the perfect place to discover what you love, who you are, and what you are capable of. Best of luck!"

Extracurriculars: Lead Well Mentor, RHA, and Study Abroad.

Favorite Place on Campus: In a hammock on the edge of the Green.


  • Baking

  • Hiking

  • Ham-mocking

  • Swimming


  • Ice-cream: Oreo

  • Animal: Monkey

  • Season: Summer

Why do you love WVU? I love that at WVU there is never a time to be bored, whether it's classes or sporting events. WVU is an exciting place where school spirit is always high and your peers become your family. Not to mention, the faculty is outstanding and always is there to support you and guide you in the right direction.

portrait of Morgan Griffith Morgan Griffith


"I would like to advise incoming students to join as many organizations as you can, while still keeping your eye on the prize."

Extracurriculars: Mountaineer Maniacs, SHRM, Phi Sigma Theta - National Honors Society, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and Honors College.

Favorite Place on Campus: Eliza’s on the Fourth Floor of the Downtown Library


  • Traveling

  • Shopping

  • Going to Concerts

  • WVU Football Tailgating


  • Favorite Local Hot Dog: Dave’s Famous T&L Hot Dogs

  • Favorite Local Sushi: Volcano

  • Favorite Local Clothing Store: Park & Madison Boutique

Why do you love WVU? I love WVU because of the school spirit shown on and off campus. There is a sense of unity among Mountaineers, no matter where you are from.

portrait of Sean Griffin Sean Griffin


"Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new people will make all the difference in college! Utilize the various resources provided by B&E and your professors to ensure your academic success and join a student organization to further your understanding of the material you learn in your classes."

Extracurriculars: Honors College and American Marketing Association.

Favorite Place on Campus: Milan Puskar Stadium


  • Playing guitar

  • Tennis

  • Video Games


  • Game: Monopoly

  • Color: Green

  • Band: Glass Animals

  • Artist: Pedro Campos

Why do you love WVU? The College of Business and Economics is overflowing with opportunities, from career fairs to the etiquette dinner, there is always something to participate in! It is motivating knowing the B&E staff is as eager for your success as you are!

portrait of Joseph Gutmann Joseph Gutmann


"Organization and time management are key. Keep a planner to not just write down what you have to do for classes, but also to write down what you have to do in general throughout the week. Keeping a very updated and detailed calendar on my phone has proved to be very useful."

Extracurriculars: Honors College, Peace Corps Prep Program, Club Tennis, St. John's University Parish Music Ministry, and RA at Honors Hall.

Favorite Place on Campus: Falling Run Trails


  • Everything and anything outdoors

  • Playing tennis

  • Playing the viola


  • Food: Pasta

  • Place: Maine

  • Season: Fall

  • Clothing Brand: L.L. Bean

  • Sports Teams: Boston/New England Teams

Why do you love WVU? The spirit Morgantown/West Virginia has toward WVU and the Mountaineers is very unique and special. B&E helps to make a large (and sometimes overwhelming) college experience feel small. From the top administration & advisors, to the Center for Career Development, to all of the professors, there is a sense of care, commitment, and family throughout the B&E building that is second to none.

portrait of Brooke Harlow Brooke Harlow


"Your professors care about you, even in a lecture of 200 students! If you are struggling to understand concepts in your class, go to their office hours, and get to know your professors. They are your best resources for understanding the material, and making connections is going to greatly benefit you in the long run. "

Extracurriculars: American Marketing Association, B&E Career Readiness Program, WVU Love Your Melon Campus Crew.

Favorite Place on Campus: Downtown Library


  • Cooking

  • Running

  • Watching Netflix

  • Hanging out with friends and family


  • Food: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

  • TV Show: The Office

  • Season: Summer

Why do you love WVU? WVU is the perfect mix of a big school in numbers, with a small school atmosphere. All walks of life come from WVU to sit in the same lecture hall that I do, and that is truly amazing! The B&E’s family environment has made me want my time here to never end! The B&E, also, has so many opportunities for their students to take part in, and they truly do everything in their power to help you, from tutoring you in a classes you may struggle in, to preparing you for your next job interview and I will never be able to express my gratitude to the B&E, and its staff, enough!

portrait of Megan Lanham Megan Lanham


"Never be afraid to go to a professor's office to discuss class or questions you may have about the field. Establishing a strong relationship with a previous professor has opened me up to opportunities I would never have had if I did not visit office hours. It is also important to keep a planner, but be sure to use it! It is also helpful to input assignments and events into your phone. Overall, do not be afraid to be yourself. College is a chance to recreate yourself, so use it!"

Extracurriculars: Beta Alpha Psi and Phi Beta Lambda.

Favorite Place on Campus: The outside patio on the 5th floor of Evansdale crossing


  • Netflix

  • Cooking


  • Food: Pasta

  • Band: The Ready Set

  • TV Show: The Office

Why do you love WVU? I love all of the resources that the college has to offer like the CCD. I have participated in mock interviews, gotten my resume reviewed, and learned proper dining etiquette. Everything the College of B&E sponsors helps build your professional image and network. Take advantage!

portrait of Dana Mace Dana Mace


"You truly do get out what you put in, these next 4 years are the ground work for your future. Keep your head up and stay positive you never know what is around the corner."

Extracurriculars: Honors College, Honors Student Association, CEO Club – The Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, Finance Club, Phi Sigma Theta (National Honor Society)

Favorite Place on Campus: The Coliseum


  • Driving my Jeep with the top down

  • Drinking coffee

  • Decorating


  • Music: Country

  • Color: Purple

  • Store: Home Goods

Why do you love WVU? WVU is more than a school it is a family. Like they always say once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer. As soon as you wear a WVU tee anywhere outside of Morgantown a whole community of past and present Mountaineers unite. This rang true when hiking the Hawaiian islands as I was approached by a fellow Mountaineer. No matter where in the world you are there is always Mountaineer pride.

portrait of Tyler Myatt Tyler Myatt


"The best advice I can give to incoming students (Besides joining the college of B&E of course) is to get enough sleep and to stay on top of your work. Even one day of putting off work can put you in a hole that's hard to get out of, so it's better to not get into the situation."

Extracurriculars: Honors College

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place on campus is Woodburn Circle, especially in the warmer weather! The calm atmosphere and beautiful buildings help captivate the beauty of our university.

Hobbies: My favorite hobbies include gaming now and again, playing all kinds of sports with friends and heading to the student rec center as much as possible.


  • Food: Sushi

  • Sport: Soccer

  • Pro Football Team: Baltimore Ravens

Why do you love WVU? The thing I love most about WVU is the feeling that all of the students are a family. No matter where on campus, I feel I'm around friends and family; we're all Mountaineers! My favorite part about B&E is the amazing support network we are given and the sheer amount of opportunities supplied to us by all of the organizations within B&E.

portrait of Frederico Perez-Munoz Federico Perez-Munoz


"Develop self-awareness and arouse within themselves a desire to learn above average. These two basic skills are key to succeed in school and life."

Extracurriculars: Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (Entrepreneurship Club), American Marketing Association, Investing Club, Resident Assistance at Dadisman Hall this upcoming year.

Favorite Place on Campus: The Erickson Alumni Center


  • Reading

  • Playing guitar

  • Going to the gym

  • Hanging out with friends and family


  • Food: Spaghetti with sauce

  • Book: Overnight Success by Morris Morrison

  • Place: New York City

Why do you love WVU? The things that I love the most about B&E are the amount of opportunities and resources that we have as students. Faculty and Staff truthfully want us to succeed. They do their best every single day to help students. Therefore, they are constantly engaging with students, creating events such as mock interviews, resumania, conferences, job shadowing, student photo headshots, among others.

portrait of Haley Pestle Haley Pestle


"Put yourself out there and get involved with as many student organizations as possible. This is how you will make friends and get through the initial transition into college."

Extracurriculars: Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity

Favorite Place on Campus: The Coliseum and Milan Puskar Stadium


  • Working out

  • Reading

  • Swimming

  • Attending as many WVU Sporting events as possible


  • Food: Steak

  • Color: Purple

  • Book: Anything by Jodi Picoult

  • Season: Summer and Fall

Why do you love WVU? I love the school spirit here at WVU. Everyone comes together to support our school no matter how different we all are, and that is something special that not a lot of schools have. In the College of Business and Economics, I enjoy being challenged by my classes and having a sense of accomplishment when I do well in them. Every member of the faculty is very helpful and friendly which makes the experience even better.

portrait of Ryan Renza Ryan Renza


"Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. There are awesome study abroad opportunities here where you can learn and explore a new culture at the same time. Traveling somewhere new will be something that you never forget. Don't miss out on a life changing opportunity just because of a long plane ride or because you don't want to be that far from home."

Extracurriculars: WVU Study Abroad, WVU Mountaineer Maniacs, Finance Club, B&E Student Ambassador.

Favorite Place on Campus: Milan Puskar Stadium during a home football game.


  • Traveling

  • Working Out

  • Watching my beloved WVU and Philly sports teams

  • Hanging out with friends

  • Learning how to cook


  • Food: Steak

  • TV Show: Game of Thrones

  • Favorite NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles! Go Birds!

  • Music: Country

  • Movie: The Godfather

Why do you love WVU? What I love most about WVU is the spirit attached to being a Mountaineer. This is evident when going to a WVU sporting event and seeing the generations of Mountaineers walk through the doors together. Let's Go Mountaineers!

portrait of Katherine Rexroad Katherine Rexroad


"Don’t be afraid of failure, it really does help you grow!"

Extracurriculars: Honors College, Beta Alpha Psi, Career Readiness Program, Mountaineer Marching Band, Athletic Department Tutor, A&E Event Staff, Basketball Pep Band

Favorite Place on Campus: LSB Green because my dog loves to play outside and it’s a good way to meet people during warm weather


  • Watching Food Network

  • Walking my dog, Alfie.

  • Playing piccolo in the Pride

  • Binge watching college football when WVU is on an away game


  • Food: Popcorn Chicken

  • Color: Pastel Pink

  • Season: Fall

Why do you love WVU? How the business professors are really involved in our well-being if you communicate with them, the competition amongst peers while still having each other’s backs, the family-like atmosphere that you develop with classmates in your major as you progress through B&E.

portrait of Dakota Wolfe Dakota Wolfe


"Never be afraid to make new friends, or to step outside your comfort zone to try new things."

Extracurriculars: MISA, BEIT, Club tennis


  • Hanging out with friends

  • Playing tennis

  • Traveling

  • Playing video games


  • Food: Kiwi

  • Color: Green

  • Drink: Coffee

Why do you love WVU? How diverse everyone is, and how friendly and helpful everyone on campus is from students to faculty.

portrait of Maria Lombardi Maria Lombardi

Junior Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Finance double Major, from Follansbee, WV.

Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi, Membership Development Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta, College Senator for B&E in The Student Government Association, treasurer of CEO Club, Student Life Ambassador, Coca-Cola Ambassador for WVU,

Platinum status in the Career Readiness Program, member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

My favorite place on Campus is Woodburn Circle.

My hobbies include swimming, crafting, volunteering, and being with friends.

My favorite Candy is Reece Cups, my favorite pet is a dog, my favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World, and my favorite place to relax is at a beach.

I love the endless opportunities and knowledge that the John Chambers College of Business and Economics provides to all of its students.

portrait of Casey Bilski Casey Bilski


Global Supply Chain Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship

Jefferson Hills, PA

Clubs: WVU CEO Club and WVU Maniacs

My favorite place on campus is the top floor of the crossing on the porch. On a nice day it’s the best places to eat, study, or just relax.

For incoming students, the best advice I have is to make sure you have control of your time. Time management is extremely important while being a college student. There are many distractions while being in college, make sure school comes first and you will do great!

Hobbies include: Watching WVU and Pittsburgh sports, Playing Hockey, Skiing, Fishing, Hanging with friends and family

Some of my favorites:

• Food: Steak

• TV Show: The Office

• Favorite Animal: Frog

• Color: Royal Blue

My favorite thing about WVU and the Chambers College is all the opportunities and resources that we have available to us as students. Within the John Chambers College of Business and Economics there are many clubs and student organizations that will help build your resume and earn lifelong skills and experiences. Also, within the college there are many job and career fairs, professional dinners and conferences that will better both you and your resume!

portrait of Trevor Thomas Trevor Thomas

JR- Global Supply Chain Management- Pittsburgh, PA

2. Activities/clubs: Honors College- Student Ambassador- Global Supply Chain Club

3. Favorite place on campus: Milan Puskar Stadium

4. Broaden your horizons as an incoming Freshman here at WVU. There are so many opportunities for you to capitalize on that you may not even know existed!

5. Pond hockey, video games, fun facts

6. Favorite Food- Steak

Favorite Sport- Hockey

Favorite TV Show- The Office

Favorite Shirt- Hawaiian

7. The culture surrounding WVU and the John Chambers College of B&E is unlike any other. The Professors are always willing to speak with you after class to help you understand the content better and go the extra mile to help you succeed as a student here at WVU and The John Chambers College of B&E.

portrait of Isaiah Perry I saiah Perry

Sophomore/Marketing/Cross Lanes, West Virginia

2. Member of the CEO Club and member of the Professional Sales Club

3. Favorite place on campus is the student rec center

4. My advice for incoming freshman is to go to class as much as possible, but also make sure to go to events because I personally learned a lot from them. Meet as many people as you can and make sure you know what is going on in advance. Time management is everything and it is easy to forget work when you have so much going on.

5. My hobbies are listening to music, hanging with friends, playing basketball and lifting weights at the rec, reading, and always trying to meet new people.

6. Favorite color is blue, favorite movie is The Dark Knight, favorite tv show is Dexter, favorite food is spaghetti

7. I love that there is so much opportunity at this school, many different things to do and chances to meet new friends. There are many potential employers as well. Also, teachers here are nice!

portrait of Andy Henthorn Andy Henthorn

Junior- Economics and Multi-Disciplinary (English, History, and Marketing)- St. Albans, WV.

2.) Involved in: Honors College, WVU Leadership Development President, Career Readiness Program, Niedermeyer Scholar, Test Well Tutor, and Resident Assistant

3.) Favorite place on campus: The Mountainlair Bowling Alley

4.) Before officially registering for your classes, check out RateMyProfesor to make sure that that's the class you want. Start getting involved on campus early! Check your MIX email daily, so you don't let opportunities pass you by.

5.) Hobbies: Snow Board, Off-Road, Driving, Mountain Biking, and Hiking.

6.) Favorite Food- Marsh Capone Cake, Favorite Brand- Lamborghini, Favorite Color- Blue, Favorite Season- Spring, Favorite Place- Japan

7.) I love the endless potential WVU and the Chambers College provides to each of its students. If you show a glimmer of motivation toward a topic or idea, the Chambers College will push you to reach your dreams. The only limit at this college is the one you set for yourself.

portrait of Cara Thomas Cara Thomas

Sophomore – Accounting and Finance - Morgantown, WV

Groups: Honors College, Beta Alpha Psi, "The Pride of West Virginia" Mountaineer Marching Band

Favorite campus location: The Downtown Library

Advice for new students: Don't doubt yourself! I worried for weeks about the transition from high school to college. Even though college is different, your workload will be manageable.

Hobbies: Baking, Hiking, Playing music, Reading books

Favorite Restaurant near campus - Ogawa

Favorite Color - Royal Blue

Favorite Vacation Destination(s) - Sanibel Island or New York City

Favorite Music Artist - Panic! at the Disco

WVU has the intimate feeling of a small college with the resources of a large university. The Chambers College of Business and Economics offers a great support system with helpful professors, tutors, and staff.

portrait of Hope Boone Hope Boone

Majors: Accounting and MIS, Hometown: Crichton, WV

Activities: Honors College, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Beta Lambda

Favorite campus spot: Oakland Hall Courtyard

Advice for new students: Join a student organization! You can meet people with similar majors, interests, or values. Creating a home away from home is key to being successful in college.

Hobbies: Watching sports, singing, swimming, reading

Favorite Food: anything with cheese

Favorite TV Show: Riverdale

Favorite Sport: baseball

Favorite Color: black or pink, depends on the day

What I love about WVU: The school spirit is phenomenal. WVU gives you a new love and pride for West Virginia that you couldn’t experience otherwise. Being a Mountaineer is the best feeling in the world.

portrait of Betheny Bachman Bethany Bachman

Junior-Finance-Moon Township, PA

Activities: AMOM, Wishmakers Club, Phi Sigma Theta National Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

Favorite campus spot: The Downtown Library/ The B&E building

Advice: College is seriously what you make it. Join clubs, get involved! Don’t be afraid to branch out and do things out of your comfort zone!

Hobbies: I love to exercise! I also very much enjoy spending time with friends/family. I am a very big sports fan especially the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and of course Mountaineers!

Favorite color- Yellow!

Favorite food- chipotle bowl/burrito

Favorite season- summer

Favorite letter- B

Favorite ice cream flavor- Dark chocolate

What I love about WVU: I love how helpful everything and everyone in the Chambers College and WVU as a whole are. They are so understanding and eager to make your life better! They genuinely care about you and your future. They want you to be best version of you. The Chambers College offers a large variety of tutoring and mentoring sessions, along with some of the best advisors. They want you to achieve great things both on and off campus with providing many extracurricular organizations and activities. They are all very approachable. WVU offers so many great amenities as well, like the student REC center and several beautiful libraries.

portrait of Benjamin Harman Benjamin Harman

Sophomore – Accounting / Management Information Systems – Weston, West Virginia

WVU Groups you’re affiliated with: Honors College, Honors Student Association, WVU Bluegrass and Old-time Band

My favorite place on campus would either be the Student Rec Center or the Mountainlair Green

Advice for students: Don’t forget why you are here! College is like a full-time job in many ways and you can easily get behind if you don’t stay focused.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing guitar, playing basketball, swimming, writing and listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

My favorite food is burritos.

My favorite NBA team is the Utah Jazz.

My favorite band is Audioslave/Royal Blood.

My favorite color is navy blue.

My favorite book series is the Ender’s Game series.

What I love about WVU: I love the feeling of family and belonging that is at WVU. My favorite thing about Chambers is the staff. They are very friendly whenever asked upon and always helpful.

portrait of Adrea Welsh Adrea Elizabeth Welsh

Sophomore - major hospitality and tourism management - minor in french - hometown is Morgantown

WVU Groups you’re affiliated with: Chi Alpha (small group leader) - I am hoping to be involved with the hospitality club next semester however.

Elizabeth Moore Hall or the balcony at crossings are my favorite campus spots.

Advice: College is tough, but so are you. If you have a good attitude and give it your best effort, there are no boundaries on what you can and will achieve.

My hobbies are cooking, hiking, and being with friends and family.

Favorite place to eat on campus is The Juice Bar, favorite local shop is The Riverfair Trade, favorite color is marigold, favorite animal is my cat Rajah.

What you love about WVU: I love the diversity and community at WVU and Chambers.

portrait of Hannah Watson Hannah L. Watson

Sophomore Business major, social work minor from Bradenton, FL

Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society and the Hospitality Club

  1. My favorite place on campus is the top floor of Brooks Hall. The view of our amazing campus is breathtaking.

  2. Advice for students: Keep an open mind! You just might fall in love with a career you didn’t even know existed.

  3. Hobbies: Hiking with my dog, listening to music, and baking!

  4. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland. My favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite drink is tea. My favorite animal is an octopus.

  5. What I love about WVU: I love the way WVU makes you feel like you’re a part of something. Everyone is a member of the family and when it comes to football season, our differences mean nothing. The diverse culture and accepting atmosphere reminds you that you have a home away from home.