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Student Ambassadors

  • portrait of Morgan Griffith

    Morgan Griffith


    "I would like to advise incoming students to join as many organizations as you can, while still keeping your eye on the prize."

    Extracurriculars: Mountaineer Maniacs, SHRM, Phi Sigma Theta - National Honors Society, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and Honors College.

    Favorite Place on Campus: Eliza’s on the Fourth Floor of the Downtown Library


    • Traveling

    • Shopping

    • Going to Concerts

    • WVU Football Tailgating


    • Favorite Local Hot Dog: Dave’s Famous T&L Hot Dogs

    • Favorite Local Sushi: Volcano

    • Favorite Local Clothing Store: Park & Madison Boutique

    Why do you love WVU? I love WVU because of the school spirit shown on and off campus. There is a sense of unity among Mountaineers, no matter where you are from.

  • portrait of Joseph Gutmann

    Joseph Gutmann


    "Organization and time management are key. Keep a planner to not just write down what you have to do for classes, but also to write down what you have to do in general throughout the week. Keeping a very updated and detailed calendar on my phone has proved to be very useful."

    Extracurriculars: Honors College, Peace Corps Prep Program, Club Tennis, St. John's University Parish Music Ministry, and RA at Honors Hall.

    Favorite Place on Campus: Falling Run Trails


    • Everything and anything outdoors

    • Playing tennis

    • Playing the viola


    • Food: Pasta

    • Place: Maine

    • Season: Fall

    • Clothing Brand: L.L. Bean

    • Sports Teams: Boston/New England Teams

    Why do you love WVU? The spirit Morgantown/West Virginia has toward WVU and the Mountaineers is very unique and special. B&E helps to make a large (and sometimes overwhelming) college experience feel small. From the top administration & advisors, to the Center for Career Development, to all of the professors, there is a sense of care, commitment, and family throughout the B&E building that is second to none.

  • portrait of Dana Mace

    Dana Mace


    "You truly do get out what you put in, these next 4 years are the ground work for your future. Keep your head up and stay positive you never know what is around the corner."

    Extracurriculars: Honors College, Honors Student Association, CEO Club – The Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, Finance Club, Phi Sigma Theta (National Honor Society)

    Favorite Place on Campus: The Coliseum


    • Driving my Jeep with the top down

    • Drinking coffee

    • Decorating


    • Music: Country

    • Color: Purple

    • Store: Home Goods

    Why do you love WVU? WVU is more than a school it is a family. Like they always say once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer. As soon as you wear a WVU tee anywhere outside of Morgantown a whole community of past and present Mountaineers unite. This rang true when hiking the Hawaiian islands as I was approached by a fellow Mountaineer. No matter where in the world you are there is always Mountaineer pride.

  • portrait of Ryan Renza

    Ryan Renza


    "Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. There are awesome study abroad opportunities here where you can learn and explore a new culture at the same time. Traveling somewhere new will be something that you never forget. Don't miss out on a life changing opportunity just because of a long plane ride or because you don't want to be that far from home."

    Extracurriculars: WVU Study Abroad, WVU Mountaineer Maniacs, Finance Club, B&E Student Ambassador.

    Favorite Place on Campus: Milan Puskar Stadium during a home football game.


    • Traveling

    • Working Out

    • Watching my beloved WVU and Philly sports teams

    • Hanging out with friends

    • Learning how to cook


    • Food: Steak

    • TV Show: Game of Thrones

    • Favorite NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles! Go Birds!

    • Music: Country

    • Movie: The Godfather

    Why do you love WVU? What I love most about WVU is the spirit attached to being a Mountaineer. This is evident when going to a WVU sporting event and seeing the generations of Mountaineers walk through the doors together. Let's Go Mountaineers!

  • portrait of Maria Lombardi

    Maria Lombardi

    Senior Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Finance double Major, from Follansbee, WV.

    Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi, Membership Development Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta, College Senator for B&E in The Student Government Association, treasurer of CEO Club, Student Life Ambassador, Coca-Cola Ambassador for WVU,

    Platinum status in the Career Readiness Program, member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

    My favorite place on Campus is Woodburn Circle.

    My hobbies include swimming, crafting, volunteering, and being with friends.

    My favorite Candy is Reece Cups, my favorite pet is a dog, my favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World, and my favorite place to relax is at a beach.

    I love the endless opportunities and knowledge that the John Chambers College of Business and Economics provides to all of its students.

  • portrait of Casey Bilski

    Casey Bilski

    Junior Global Supply Chain Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Jefferson Hills, PA

    Clubs: WVU CEO Club and WVU Maniacs

    My favorite place on campus is the top floor of the crossing on the porch. On a nice day it’s the best places to eat, study, or just relax.

    For incoming students, the best advice I have is to make sure you have control of your time. Time management is extremely important while being a college student. There are many distractions while being in college, make sure school comes first and you will do great!

    Hobbies include: Watching WVU and Pittsburgh sports, Playing Hockey, Skiing, Fishing, Hanging with friends and family

    Some of my favorites:

    • Food: Steak

    • TV Show: The Office

    • Favorite Animal: Frog

    • Color: Royal Blue

    My favorite thing about WVU and the Chambers College is all the opportunities and resources that we have available to us as students. Within the John Chambers College of Business and Economics there are many clubs and student organizations that will help build your resume and earn lifelong skills and experiences. Also, within the college there are many job and career fairs, professional dinners and conferences that will better both you and your resume!

  • portrait of Trevor Thomas

    Trevor Thomas

    Senior Global Supply Chain Management- Pittsburgh, PA

    Activities/clubs: Honors College- Student Ambassador- Global Supply Chain Club

    Favorite place on campus: Milan Puskar Stadium

    Broaden your horizons as an incoming Freshman here at WVU. There are so many opportunities for you to capitalize on that you may not even know existed!

    Pond hockey, video games, fun facts

    Favorite Food- Steak

    Favorite Sport- Hockey

    Favorite TV Show- The Office

    Favorite Shirt- Hawaiian

    The culture surrounding WVU and the John Chambers College of B&E is unlike any other. The Professors are always willing to speak with you after class to help you understand the content better and go the extra mile to help you succeed as a student here at WVU and The John Chambers College of B&E.

  • portrait of Isaiah Perry

    Isaiah Perry

    Junior/Marketing/Cross Lanes, West Virginia

    Member of the CEO Club and member of the Professional Sales Club

    Favorite place on campus is the student rec center

    My advice for incoming freshman is to go to class as much as possible, but also make sure to go to events because I personally learned a lot from them. Meet as many people as you can and make sure you know what is going on in advance. Time management is everything and it is easy to forget work when you have so much going on.

    My hobbies are listening to music, hanging with friends, playing basketball and lifting weights at the rec, reading, and always trying to meet new people.

    Favorite color is blue, favorite movie is The Dark Knight, favorite tv show is Dexter, favorite food is spaghetti

    I love that there is so much opportunity at this school, many different things to do and chances to meet new friends. There are many potential employers as well. Also, teachers here are nice!

  • portrait of Andy Henthorn

    Andy Henthorn

    Senior- Economics and Multi-Disciplinary (English, History, and Marketing)- St. Albans, WV.

    Involved in: Honors College, WVU Leadership Development President, Career Readiness Program, Niedermeyer Scholar, Test Well Tutor, and Resident Assistant

    Favorite place on campus: The Mountainlair Bowling Alley

    Before officially registering for your classes, check out RateMyProfesor to make sure that that's the class you want. Start getting involved on campus early! Check your MIX email daily, so you don't let opportunities pass you by.

    Hobbies: Snow Board, Off-Road, Driving, Mountain Biking, and Hiking.

    Favorite Food- Marsh Capone Cake, Favorite Brand- Lamborghini, Favorite Color- Blue, Favorite Season- Spring, Favorite Place- Japan

    I love the endless potential WVU and the Chambers College provides to each of its students. If you show a glimmer of motivation toward a topic or idea, the Chambers College will push you to reach your dreams. The only limit at this college is the one you set for yourself.

  • portrait of Cara Thomas

    Cara Thomas

    Junior – Accounting and Finance - Morgantown, WV

    Groups: Honors College, Beta Alpha Psi, "The Pride of West Virginia" Mountaineer Marching Band

    Favorite campus location: The Downtown Library

    Advice for new students: Don't doubt yourself! I worried for weeks about the transition from high school to college. Even though college is different, your workload will be manageable.

    Hobbies: Baking, Hiking, Playing music, Reading books

    Favorite Restaurant near campus - Ogawa

    Favorite Color - Royal Blue

    Favorite Vacation Destination(s) - Sanibel Island or New York City

    Favorite Music Artist - Panic! at the Disco

    WVU has the intimate feeling of a small college with the resources of a large university. The Chambers College of Business and Economics offers a great support system with helpful professors, tutors, and staff.

  • portrait of Betheny Bachman

    Bethany Bachman

    Senior-Finance-Moon Township, PA

    Activities: AMOM, Wishmakers Club, Phi Sigma Theta National Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

    Favorite campus spot: The Downtown Library/ The B&E building

    Advice: College is seriously what you make it. Join clubs, get involved! Don’t be afraid to branch out and do things out of your comfort zone!

    Hobbies: I love to exercise! I also very much enjoy spending time with friends/family. I am a very big sports fan especially the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and of course Mountaineers!

    Favorite color- Yellow!

    Favorite food- chipotle bowl/burrito

    Favorite season- summer

    Favorite letter- B

    Favorite ice cream flavor- Dark chocolate

    What I love about WVU: I love how helpful everything and everyone in the Chambers College and WVU as a whole are. They are so understanding and eager to make your life better! They genuinely care about you and your future. They want you to be best version of you. The Chambers College offers a large variety of tutoring and mentoring sessions, along with some of the best advisors. They want you to achieve great things both on and off campus with providing many extracurricular organizations and activities. They are all very approachable. WVU offers so many great amenities as well, like the student REC center and several beautiful libraries.

  • portrait of Benjamin Harman

    Benjamin Harman

    Junior – Accounting / Management Information Systems – Weston, West Virginia

    WVU Groups you’re affiliated with: Honors College, Honors Student Association, WVU Bluegrass and Old-time Band

    My favorite place on campus would either be the Student Rec Center or the Mountainlair Green

    Advice for students: Don’t forget why you are here! College is like a full-time job in many ways and you can easily get behind if you don’t stay focused.

    Hobbies: I enjoy playing guitar, playing basketball, swimming, writing and listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

    My favorite food is burritos.

    My favorite NBA team is the Utah Jazz.

    My favorite band is Audioslave/Royal Blood.

    My favorite color is navy blue.

    My favorite book series is the Ender’s Game series.

    What I love about WVU: I love the feeling of family and belonging that is at WVU. My favorite thing about Chambers is the staff. They are very friendly whenever asked upon and always helpful.

  • portrait of Adrea Welsh

    Adrea Elizabeth Welsh

    Junior - major hospitality and tourism management - minor in french - hometown is Morgantown

    WVU Groups you’re affiliated with: Chi Alpha (small group leader) - I am hoping to be involved with the hospitality club next semester however.

    Elizabeth Moore Hall or the balcony at crossings are my favorite campus spots.

    Advice: College is tough, but so are you. If you have a good attitude and give it your best effort, there are no boundaries on what you can and will achieve.

    My hobbies are cooking, hiking, and being with friends and family.

    Favorite place to eat on campus is The Juice Bar, favorite local shop is The Riverfair Trade, favorite color is marigold, favorite animal is my cat Rajah.

    What you love about WVU: I love the diversity and community at WVU and Chambers.

  • Lilly McCracken

    Lilly McCracken

    Junior in Management Information Systems with a minor in Data Analytics

     MISA, BEIT, Sigma Kappa, and Career Readiness Program

    Favorite Place on Campus: Mountain Lair Green

    This year will be the best time in your life for personal growth, so step out of your comfort zone.  Never be afraid to say hi to the person next to you or sit in the front row of a huge lecture hall!

     Hobbies: Teaching Barre, Baking/Decorating Cakes, Hiking, Calligraphy

    Favorite WV Spot: Canaan Valley, Favorite Restaurant: Mario's Fishbowl, Favorite Place: Suncrest Yoga

    I love how WVU's campus and student population is big but creates the atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are connected with everyone and are right at home.  Everyone is so friendly and even though the Chambers College has many students, it provides so many opportunities to network and get involved.

  • Hunter Bodnar

    Hunter Bodnar

    Sophmore studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am from Latrobe, Pennsylvania

    I am apart of WVU Honors, CEO club (VP of fundraising), and WVU Endurance Racing Team.

    My favorite spot at WVU is the walking path near the river. Some advice I have for incoming freshman would be to get out of your comfort zone and try some new things. Worry more about what will help you grow as a person and worry less about judgement from others. And finally, mistakes are inevitable, it only matters if you can come out of a mistake a better person rather than repeating it.

    My hobbies include driving/car shows, dirt bike riding, hiking, and being involved in business.

    Favorite food- wings

    Favorite movie- Ford V Ferrari

    Favorite pastime- being in nature

    Favorite WVU sporting event- Football

    I love WVU and the Chambers College because of the feeling of home and family. They are always there to help you out whenever you need something!

  • Britney Anglin

    Britney Anglin

    Jr. economics major and political science minor from Pittsburgh,PA

    Extracurriculars: WVU CEO club, Career readiness program, Students of Color in business

    Favorite place on campus: downtown library

    “Set an end goal and piece together the smaller components necessary to achieve it. We may be young right now, but college is the perfect place to start working towards the life you want.” 


    • Art
    • Doing hair
    • Watch YouTube


    • Food: jerk chicken and fried dumplings
    • Color: blue and gray
    • Movie: love & basketball

    Why do I love WVU? I love how beautiful the campus is and the amount of resources we have accessible to us.

  • Lillian Bischof

    Lillian Bischof

    Finance and Chemical Engineering Sophomore from Wheeling, West Virginia

    Extracurriculars: Honors College, Presidential Student Ambassadors, Global Business Brigades, WELCOME (Women in Business) Cofounder, Society of Women Engineers, Research Assistant (RAP), Academic Resource Center Tutor, Platinum Status in the Career Readiness Program

    Favorite Place on Campus: Evansdale Crossing

    Advice for Incoming Students: There are so many opportunities at West Virginia University. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and be involved in extracurriculars. Being involved will help you to meet some of your best friends, stay engaged with campus, and discover your passions. 


    • Reading
    • Traveling
    • Exercising
    • Spending time with family, friends, and my dogs


    • Book: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
    • Sport: Swimming
    • Season: Fall

    What do you love about WVU? 

    As President Gee likes to say, “WVU truly is a Goldilocks’ University: not too big, and not too small, but just right.” As a large university, WVU is a place rich in opportunities for research, study abroad, leadership, and volunteerism. But WVU is not just a university, it is the place Mountaineers call home. Support from faculty, staff, administrators, and fellow Mountaineers truly makes WVU feel like a family. 

  • Elise Weber

    Elise Weber

    Junior, Accounting; Minor - Cybersecurity

    Hometown- Charleston, West Virginia 

    Involvement- Honors College, Women in Business (WELCOME), DECA, The Food Recovery Network 

    Favorite place on campus- 5th floor of Evansdale Crossing 

    Advice for incoming students- It's very important to work hard your freshman year because you want a strong foundation that you can keep growing off of throughout college. Make sure you are getting involved on campus and utilizing the resources available to you. 

    Hobbies- Embroidery, Baking, Fishing 

    Favorite Color- Blue 

    Favorite Song- "Let it Be" by the Beatles 

    Favorite Tree- Pine Tree 

    What I love about WVU/Chambers- I love the Mountaineer community. The minute I stepped on campus I felt like I was home and the welcoming atmosphere always surrounds me with love and support. I also love that the Chambers College faculty are supportive and dedicated to your learning experience and truly prepare you to succeed. 

  • Liz Sexton

    Liz Sexton

    Junior - Major: Finance; Minors: Accounting and Economics from Williamstown, WV


    • Honors College
    • Presidential Student Ambassadors
    • Welcome Club
    • WVU Medicine Volunteer
    • WV HOBY
    • DECA
    • Campus Crusade for Christ

    Your favorite place on campus: Milano and Robinson Reading Rooms in the Downtown Library

    Try new things! You never know what will become your new passion or interest. College is a great time to explore and learn more about yourself.


    • Watching WVU Football and Basketball
    • Cross-stitching 
    • Playing Piano and Violin

    Favorite Ice cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter 

    Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan

    Favorite Color: Pink

    Favorite Place to Eat in Morgantown: Black Bear Burrito

    There are opportunities to fit all interests and personalities through West Virginia University. Between student organizations, research, and community service, there are avenues to form meaningful relationships with fellow students and faculty members. I enjoy taking advantage of the interesting and meaningful opportunities presented, because I know they will help me become knowledgeable and prepared for the workforce. 


  • Ryan Ratcliff

    Ryan Ratcliff

    Senior, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Midway, WV

    HITLab (Hospitality Innovation and Technology Lab) *honors college if accepted later this spring/summer*

    Your favorite place on campus?

    I love the WVU Core Arboretum

    The biggest piece of advice I’d have for incoming students is just to be themselves. College is a time to find yourself. Don’t try to change yourself to fit into a group. It’s good to be different and have the ability to look at things from a different viewpoint. It’s how we learn and collaborate in the business world.

    Hobbies: I love skiing! It’s my absolute favorite thing to do. I’ve actually been a ski instructor in the past and currently I’m a ski patroller. I also love to go whitewater rafting. I’ve been guiding on the rivers of West Virginia for 4 years now and I couldn’t imagine a better summer job for college students. When I’m not skiing or rafting I just love being outside either hiking in the mountains or riding my bike around town. In the evenings I love taking out my longboard and going to the Rec center and enjoying the pool. Life is good as a Mountaineer!

    My favorite food is pizza with pepperoni and banana peppers

    My favorite color is Grey

    My favorite song is Country Roads by Pretty Lights (play it the start will punk you out every time) 

    As a native West Virginian I’m proud that this school is here and the talent that it produces. I know this derives from the incredible faculty that is here. They will go above and beyond to not only see that you pass the class but that you actually take away some type of useful knowledge. knowledge that is not only useful in the workplace but in life in general. 

  • stump

    Rachel Stump

    Sophomore, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Marketing

    Hometown: Hurricane, WV Honors college, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Beta Phi, Mountaineer Maniacs 

    Favorite place: Mountainlair Green 

    My piece of advice to incoming students: Don't be afraid to ask for help. Starting college comes with a learning curve, and it can be overwhelming. Reaching out to friends, family, and your professors when you are struggling can make a big difference. 

    Hobbies: Cooking, Working out, travelling, and hanging out with friends 

    Favorites: color-yellow, Drink- Iced Coffee, show- Gilmore Girls My favorite thing about WVU and the Chambers College is the sense of family that I have felt since day one and all the different you meet! The staff, especially in the Chambers College, care about the students. They truly do want the best for their students!

  • Alexsa Ruiz

    Major: Management Information Systems; Minor: Data Analytics; Hometown: Weehawken, New Jersey

    If you could change the world with your degree what would it be?

    • I would try to start more programs for young women who want to be a part of male-dominated majors.
    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?
    • I wish I had learned to not be afraid to get more involved and apply to more programs within the John Chambers College of Business and Economics. I was hesitant because I did not know if I was qualified enough when I should have just gotten more involved my freshman year.
    What do you predict the business landscape will look like in 10 years?
    • Artificial intelligence will become more well known. This is exciting because although it might seem like AI can take away jobs, it actually can enhance businesses. For example, using an AI system to decide what music to play based on interests of the guests in attendance to lead to a better customer experience.