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Student Leaders

Student Ambassadors

The Chambers Collegee's Student Ambassadors are engaged and enthusiastic members of the Chambers College family. They represent the school to their peers and prospective students, assisting with recruitment initiatives such as open houses and calling campaigns. They also serve the College with retention-minded events like Student Ambassador Panels in BCOR 199, B&E Major Fairs and events hosted by the Center for Career Development.
  • Lillian Bischof

    Lillian Bischof

    A Finance and Chemical Engineering Senior, originally from Wheeling, WV.

    What impact do you hope to have at WVU in the future?

    • As a cofounder of Women in Business, I feel that it is important to have a community dedicated to preparing women for success in the workplace, especially in male-dominated fields of study. After I graduate, I hope that the organization continues to grow and develop within the Chambers College to provide a welcoming community to empower women.
    What do you wish you had help with in the beginning of your college career?
    • For me, the most stressful part of freshman year was planning my four-year course plan. I had so many interests that I wanted to pursue in my coursework, and I was already a double-major. On top of that, I wanted to have all of my courses planned out so that I could prepare for my four years at WVU. From that experience, I learned that it is important to find mentors in your major in addition to advisors and professors who can work with you to tailor your curriculum and extracurriculars at WVU to your passions.

  • Hunter Bodnar

    Hunter Bodnar

    An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Senior, originally from Latrobe, PA.

    What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor, invention, business idea?

    • My first business idea was called the Tee Caddie. It was a multi purpose golf tool that helped push a tee into the ground, had a ball marker, divot fixer, and bottle opener. I actually got to go to Tampa, Florida for free through the school to pitch my idea in a national competition.
    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?
    • Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. It really doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you're weird or doesn’t like you because it's your life, not theirs.
    What would your graduation speech or TED Talk be about?
    • My TED Talk would be about living your life to the fullest and doing what truly makes you happy because no one is guaranteed any amount of time in their life.

  • Deanna Crumm

    Deanna Crumm

    A Marketing and Organizational Leadership Senior, and a West Virginia native.

    What impact do you hope to have at WVU in the future?

    • As many alum have given their time to speak with the WVU Women in Business student organization for panels and workshops, I aspire to do the same in the future. While a conversation does not seem like much, hearing from others who were in my shoes is uplifting. My network and confidence has grown, so I hope to positively impact the future leaders while they are students at WVU by giving back my time to speak at events put on within the Mountaineer community.
    What is something you’ve failed or found difficult and overcame? What helped?
    • I am currently completing my minor in business data analytics offered within the Chambers College. These minor-related courses have pushed me outside of my comfort zone to learn and grow as a student, individual, and professional. To keep up and excel with the challenging coursework, I attended more office hours, communicated more often with my professors, and studied outside of class more than I have for any other classes because I want to understand the material in order to apply it in the future.
    What would your graduation speech or TED Talk be about? 
    • In line with my dreams, I would speak about embracing the unknown. Mountaineers go first, so my speech or TED talk would convey a message of inspiration and importance to any audience. My dream started with traveling the country – which is still on my bucket list to visit all 50 states – but I limited myself with that dream. There is an entire world for me to explore with new people and places, so I urge others to take a look at their dream and make it bigger. 
  • Isabella Fagnelli

    Isabella Fagnelli

    A Marketing Senior, originally from Pennsylvania.

    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?

    • I wish someone told me that balance is the key to having a successful college career, and while school should be one of your biggest priorities, you should also work some time into your day to focus on yourself and mental health. I also wish someone told me that it’s not weird to go out and try new things. The school has too much to offer to not get out of your comfort zone and try something new every once in a while!
    Was business always a path you thought you’d take? Why? If not, tell us the story of what you imagined majoring in at college and how you ended up at Chambers College.
    • All throughout high school I really wanted to major in biology and go to med school in hopes of becoming an anesthesiologist. It wasn’t until my senior year that I took an economics class and because of how much I loved that class (and my crippling fear of needles) that I decided to apply to the Chambers College as a general business major. Once I started taking classes within the Chambers College I found myself very interested in all of my classes and decided to become a marketing major with an economics minor. The classes the Chambers College offers are extremely interesting and helpful and I’m so happy I decided to join it!
    What has been your favorite class, class project and experience learning outside the classroom?
    • My favorite class has been my ECON 201 class! I thought the material was so interesting and it was taught in a way that made it easy to understand while still being challenging. My favorite experience learning outside the classroom was living in the business LLC. Living in the LLC taught me how to network and build friendships that feel more like family, and it also connected me with people who are majoring in all of the different aspects of business. It also showed me that it’s ok to put yourself out there and ask people for help when you need it!
  • Kayla Guyton

    Kayla Guyton

    A Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS) Sophomore with a Minor in Communications, originally from Canonsburg, PA.

    Why the Chambers College?

    • I chose WVU, at first, because it is not too far from home. I was simply browsing schools in the area. However, once I looked into what they have to offer, and how well the Chambers College prepares us for life after college, I fell in love!

    What do you wish you would have known as a freshman?
    • I wish I would have known how GPA is not the most important aspect of college. You have to experience independence, grow your character, and get involved. Although GPA is important, it is not the only aspect that will make your college experience impactful for the future. Therefore, it is important to find experiences that shape you into the person you want to be.

    What is something you found difficult and overcame? 
    • Something that I have found difficult is adapting and feeling out what I want to do. I knew that I wanted to be a business major, but there is such a variety of fields to choose from. Therefore, I struggled with what area to choose, and I am still learning more about what I want to do everyday! It has helped me to speak with my friends and professors about their opinions. My friends know me on a personal level, and my professors know how I perform in class. Therefore, they have been able to guide me and give me advice.

  • Emma LaBombard

    Emma LaBombard

    An Accounting Junior and West Virginia Native.

    What are you looking forward to most in Reynolds Hall? One word you think of when you think of Reynolds Hall?

    • I am excited to be able to utilize the Bloomberg Terminal and conference rooms in Reynolds Hall. The word that comes to mind when I think of Reynolds Hall is home because I know I will be spending a lot of my time there learning, collaborating, and building connections.

    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?

    • As a freshman, I wish the advice I heard was how to build better study habits. Some classes are hard to study for, but in those classes I began observing my peers’ behaviors. I used Quizlet and created my own study guides to improve my study skills. Take advice from professors and students. Work on applying the advice in your daily life and when you do that, you will see growth and success.

    What do you predict the business landscape will look like in 10 years?

    • The business world will push to continuously find ways to connect employees from all around the world rather than flying them into the same meeting room. COVID-19 has shown us how helpful working in a hybrid or virtual environment can be. In 10 years, meetings will start moving from zooming people in via laptop to zooming them in via hologram, like Star Wars. I look forward to seeing how different jobs evolve. Many positions are becoming automated now. Those old positions taken over by AI need to evolve to continue to push business growth and provide more job opportunities. I am most excited to see what kind of technology will be openly available for employee and customer use.

  • Jenah Moore

    Jenah Moore

    A Marketing Senior, originally from Jamison, PA.

    Why the Chambers College and why Marketing? 

    • Business has been a dream of mine since I was about 13 years old. Before that, I wanted to become a vet until I realized that entailed some tragic times I would not be able to handle. My dad has always been in business, and he started in sales then ended up in marketing. I love seeing what he does and it intrigued me to go down the business path. The Chambers College offers many different tutors and areas of help within the business aspect and that is why I am glad I chose to expand my business knowledge here.
    What do you wish you would have known at the beginning of your college career? 
    • It is always okay to ask questions and get help. I was nervous to ask my professor or peers for help when I first was attending classes and getting grades. However, it is always okay to acknowledge that you need assistance and there are many people that are willing to give that to you.

    What advice do you have for freshman?
    • Make sure to exercise, eat healthy (which sometimes is difficult), but more importantly have fun and be happy. As a freshman I was so intrigued by not having as much guidance around that I became less healthy, and it took a toll on my mental health.

  • Mary Morris

    Mary Morris

    A Management Information Systems (MIS) Sophomore with a double minor in Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity, originally from Bunker Hill, WV.

    Why the Chambers College?

    • Five years ago, I never would have imagined myself deciding on this major, but once I became a bit more open-minded, I took a leap and have not regretted it since. West Virginia University and the Chambers College is truly a place that feels like home to me. The Chambers College offers countless resources for students to ensure our success and to give help whenever we need it.
    Favorite thing about Reynolds Hall? 
    • The new technologies and software in Reynolds Hall. This building will expose students to a new way of learning through simulations and real-life business situations. When I think of Reynolds Hall, I think of my future. I think of the new experiences that will arise from that building due to the state-of-the-art ideas and opportunities available. I am beyond excited to spend more time at Reynolds Hall.
    What do you wish you had help with in the beginning of your college career?
    • I wish I had help with finding a routine that was best for me. In the beginning, it was hard to learn how to use all the time I had to my best ability. It was difficult to have so much time on my hands and not have much of a routine except specific class times. Once I set aside times for homework, exercise, relaxing, and social activities, I realized how much easier it was to accomplish my tasks.

  • Sojung Park

    Sojung Park

    An Accounting Sophomore, originally from Morgantown, WV.

    Why WVU and why the Chambers College? 

    • Aside from good scholarships, what really compelled me to choose the Chambers College was the kind people I’ve met here. I really appreciated how welcoming all of the staff are, and I hope I can help make other prospective students feel the same way.

    Why accounting? 
    • Business was a path I always knew I would take, but I never expected myself to choose a major in accounting. I really enjoy the challenging aspects of accounting classes at WVU.

    What has been your favorite class project? 
    • My favorite class project would have to be a service learning project for my intro to business class.The exciting part was not so much the project itself, but the fact that all of my group members were all ambitious and hard-working. I feel motivated working in an environment with determined, like-minded people.

  • Alexsa Ruiz

    Alexsa Ruiz

    A Management Information Systems (MIS) Senior, originally from New Jersey.

    If you could change the world with your degree what would you do?

    • I would try to start more programs for young women who want to be a part of male-dominated majors.
    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?
    • I wish I had learned to not be afraid, to get more involved, and to apply to more programs within the John Chambers College of Business and Economics. I was hesitant because I did not know if I was qualified enough when I should have just gotten more involved my freshman year.
    What do you predict the business landscape will look like in 10 years?
    • Artificial intelligence will become more well known. This is exciting because although it might seem like AI can take away jobs, it actually can enhance businesses. For example, using an AI system to decide what music to play based on interests of the guests in attendance to lead to a better customer experience.
  • Liz Sexton

    Liz Sexton

    An Accounting and Finance Senior, originally from Williamstown, WV.

    What has been your favorite class, class project and experience learning outside the classroom?

    • In Spring 2021, I took a class called Global Consulting through the Honors College. The class coordinated with the University of Munster in Germany for this experience. I had the opportunity to work in teams to consult three different businesses on international expansion. During our last project, we worked with the German students to advise a business in Germany by creating a United States industry outlook. I enjoyed meeting students and industry professionals who work in a different culture. The course also focused on materials related to international communication skills. I know if I work with another international team that I will have experiences to help the team succeed.
    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?
    • I wish someone had helped me realize that all freshmen are more alike than they realize. Most freshmen get homesick at some point. Prior to freshman year, I was scared that I would be lonely when I came to college. I knew being away from my family would be hard. My family is very close, so I thought that others may not feel the same way I did. Around week four, many of the people in my dorm realized that it officially became the longest amount of time that they had been away from home. It was nice to realize that we all were united by the same experiences and emotions. Also, everyone is kind of shy about going to their first student organization meeting. Just remember that everyone is feeling a bit timid, too. Student organizations exist for students to meet each other, so do not be afraid to try one as a freshman. You might just meet some new best friends. Above all, know that you are not alone in your fears and emotions.
    What impact do you hope to have at WVU in the future?
    • I hope to leave a legacy at West Virginia University that others can expand upon after I am gone. I want those whom I mentored to be able to continue the work that I started and become better people because of our interactions. Here are three ways that I am already making an impact at West Virginia University. I helped our Chambers Ambassador program continue to form relationships with international partners during the pandemic when travel was minimal. I helped Women in Business continue for a second year by becoming the first officer to join the club founders as part of their officer team. I helped the Appalachian Prison Book Project in Morgantown send more books to prisoners by collecting over 1,500 books in commonly requested genres.

  • Tim Shaw

    Tim Shaw

    A Marketing Senior, originally from New York.

    Was business always a path you thought you’d take? Why? If not, tell us the story of what you imagined majoring in at college and how you ended up at Chambers College.

    • Business was not always a path I thought I’d take. I came to WVU majoring in Sports and Adventure Media thanks to my involvement with broadcast journalism in high school combined with my love for sports. I eventually found my home within the business school after many conversations with Dr. Cook! She has been an outstanding influence for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to be enrolled in the Marketing program!
    What is something you’ve failed or found difficult and overcame? What helped?
    • One thing I found difficult upon arriving at WVU was creating new friendships. Coming from New York, I didn’t know many people locally. One thing that helped me was WVU’s targeted effort to get freshmen involved. There were so many opportunities and events at the beginning of my freshman year, and I was able to meet a lot of my close friends to this day!
    What impact do you hope to have at WVU in the future?
    • I hope to create a long-lasting impact at West Virginia University. I’d like to achieve this through the student organizations I’m involved with as well as the relationships I’m able to create with the amazing staff at WVU!

  • Alex Smigel

    Alex Smigel

    A Global Supply Chain Management Junior, originally from Ohio.

    What would your graduation speech or TED Talk be about?

    • My graduation speech would be about how overcoming your obstacles will only make you stronger. While this is very corny and some may say boring, it is a very important lesson to learn. Using personal experiences and examples of times that I know my class has gone through will help show what we have already accomplished.

    What advice do you wish you had heard as a Freshman?

    • Stay organized! College courses are completely different from high school for many reasons. Keeping a calendar or agenda planner of assignments will help immensely.
  • Rachel Stump

    Rachel Stump

    A Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Marketing, Senior originally from Hurricane, WV.

    What is something you’ve failed or found difficult and overcame? What helped?

    • In high school, I was always the kid that got A’s and took AP and Dual Credit classes, but having to actually study for classes and do legitimate homework was a little of a shock. Midterms my first semester served as a bit of a wakeup call – the call from my parents after getting my grades didn’t hurt either. At that point in the semester, I had a C in both accounting and calculus, and a B in microeconomics. The thing that helped me get my grades up and end the semester well was something people had been telling me to do since the beginning of the year – office hours. I started going to my professors' office hours, even for the classes I wasn’t struggling in, and all my grades started to improve. For accounting and microeconomics, I also attended office hours and review sessions from the Neidermeyer Scholars. There is so much help available to students, take advantage of it!
    Why WVU? Why the Chambers College?
    • I come from a line of Mountaineers and at first, I fought the family tradition of being one myself. I toured a few colleges, including ones as far away as Georgia, but none felt more like home than WVU. I stepped foot in Woodburn Circle and I had a feeling that is a little hard to describe, but I just knew that WVU was the place I would call my home away from home for 4 (maybe more than 4 for grad school) years. As for the Chambers College, my dad was a marketing major and I had always known I wanted to be a business major so when I heard and read about all the amazing opportunities it has to offer, my choice was set.
    What are you looking forward to most in Reynolds Hall? One word you think of when you think of Reynolds Hall?
    • It’s so hard to choose! Aside from all the new tech that is going to be in the building, I am most looking forward to all of the collaborative learning spaces built into the building. The library is great but sometimes during group projects, having more space than one of the study rooms would be very helpful. I am also excited about the new gym in Reynolds Hall.

  • Eva Toor

    Eva Toor

    An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sophomore with a minor in Mathematics and Political Science, originally from Charleston, WV

    What advice do you wish you had heard as a freshman?

    • I wish that I had heard about more of the resources. West Virginia University has so many beneficial resources from professor office hours to the AeSC in the Chambers College. Unfortunately, I did not learn or take full advantage of these resources until much later in the year. 
    Why business and how did you choose your major?
    • I’ve had my heart set on business for most of my life, or more specifically, entrepreneurship. I was entrepreneurial long before I even knew what that word meant. I’ve been lucky in that regard; however, I did not anticipate finding my other academic interests. I am currently minoring in math and political science, two subjects, had you told me I’d be interested in a year ago, I would have laughed in your face.
    What impact do you hope to have on WVU in the future?
    • I aspire to be the next John Chambers: a great leader, innovator, entrepreneur, and mentor. I plan to make the most out of every opportunity offered to me by WVU. I have only completed one out of the four years I have here and, already, I want to show my appreciation.
  • Abigail Torres

    Abigail Torres

  • Madison Troxell

    Madison Troxell

    An Economics Junior with a Minor in Statistics, originally from Allentown, PA.

    What do you wish you knew early on in your college career? 

    • I wish someone had taught me to prioritize responsibilities much earlier in my college career. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to balance many deadlines at one time. Something very common for my classes is that I have a few assignments for a couple of weeks and then I have too many things to count all due within a week. Learning to work ahead and prioritize completing certain responsibilities before others is so important to maintain a good balance in college.

    What advice do you have for freshman?
    • If I could give any advice to my freshman self it would be to explore every facet of college life. As a freshman, I was hesitant to try classes out of my comfort zone, join extracurriculars, and create relationships with my peers/professors. College is all about having new experiences and growing from them. Reaching past your comfort zone is so helpful to maturing into your full potential and it’s not nearly as scary as it may seem.

    Why WVU and why the Chambers College? 
    • I chose to transfer to WVU at the beginning of my sophomore year because I needed to throw myself to the wolves. My previous college was a college of about 1500 students and it was five minutes to my house. That college worked at the time, but it was so comfortable, even too comfortable. So, I chose WVU, a place where I knew no one and was five hours from home. I needed to be in a new place to keep growing after high school. This thinking continued into my choice of the Chambers College. Coming into WVU, I had to choose between majoring in political science and economics. Political science is a comfortable topic but not my passion. Economics is a more difficult experience but a strong passion. This gave me another chance to go through a challenging academic experience and gain some amazing rewards from Chambers College and WVU.

  • Riley Tucker

    Riley Tucker

    A Hospitality and Tourism Senior, originally from Ohio.

    What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor, invention, business idea?
    • When I was six, I tried to go back selling candy the week after Halloween. For some reason that business idea never took off, but I like to think the entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t left.
    What is something you’ve failed or found difficult and overcame? What helped?
    • Initially, I was nervous to interview for on-campus positions, but the opportunities are too good to let that get the better of me. Taking advantage of resume reviews, mock interviews and more set me up for success.
    What extracurriculars are you involved in?
    • I am the treasurer of the quiz bowl club, secretary of Alpha Kappa Psi, a member of the Hospitality Club, a member of the Honors Excel Program, and many more. I am pretty sure I have tried every club about once!
  • Tucker Workman

    Tucker Workman

    An Accounting Sophomore with a minor in Finance, originally from Bramwell, WV.

    Why major in business? 

    • From an early age I knew I always wanted a career in business. My grandfather was an entrepreneur, and even though I never got to meet him, I heard intriguing tales about his ventures that inspired me to follow in a similar path. I have had a couple of small businesses as a child and teen, and I always enjoyed tracking the data. That’s what helped me land on accounting as a major.

    What is something you found difficult and overcame? 
    • I have always found it difficult to perform well in interviews and public speaking. I knew coming into college that to succeed in the business world, I would have to work and perfect this struggle. I have joined student organizations and jumped at any chance I could get with interviewing. 

    What impact do you hope to have on WVU in the future? 
    • I hope to leave a positive impact on WVU by inspiring other students to find their work and studies as thrilling as I, so we can all succeed in the workforce one day.

Peer Mentors

Your first year in college is an exciting time, but it can be a difficult one too. The Chambers College's Peer Mentors are here to help you adjust to your new surroundings, and find your way through all that WVU has to offer.
  • Cambria Caldwell

    Cambria Caldwell

    Hi, my name is Cambria Caldwell. While I currently spend most of my time living in Morgantown, WV, I am originally from a small town right outside of Charleston, WV. Going into my senor year at WVU I am proud to say that Morgantown is a second home to me, and I am so grateful for the experiences that WVU has brought to me. Some information about me, I love spending time with my friends, I have a dog named Jasmine, and I enjoy traveling to new places. 

    When it comes to my life inside the classroom, I am very focus and goal oriented. I have a job off-campus, so I must be very organized with my schoolwork and have great time management. I hope these are some skills I can help the freshman class gain as well. 

    Being a first-generation college student there was a lot I had to learn on my own; moving away from home, applying for scholarships, scheduling classes, the different school workload, finding apartments, the list could go on and on. I hope by experiencing these firsthand I can also help students who are in the same situation I was. 

    I cannot wait to help students find their way on this new journey they are about to begin and find their second home at WVU just like I did.
  • Vincenzo Conforti

    Vincenzo Conforti

    As a freshman, I was a finance major because I had an idea of what I wanted to do with that major and what I thought the type of work I would be doing. 

    However, I realized I wanted to do marketing instead. I talked to my advisor and found out that I am interested in Digital Marketing. 

    So don’t be afraid to change your majors! It is completely normal and WVU will help you get to where you need to be. Just trust in the process and believe in yourself.

    Here are 5 facts about me: Vice President of the Quidditch team, I share my recipes on Tik Tok, I listen to Billie Eilish and Taylor swift, I love cats, and I am a Sagittarius.

  • Faith Figgins

    Faith Figgins

    Business was not the course I thought I’d take! I originally started off as an Exercise Physiology major and honestly just could not find my place within the major. I had taken an economics course while still in the EXPH program and realized that economics was the path I wanted to go with…. and that’s how I ended up at Chambers College!

    It’s all about reaching out and showing you’re eager for opportunity. I also work pretty often on top of school and student organizations. If you feel like you may be in the same shoes as me, I’d be happy to share what’s best helped me!

  • Kerry Gilbride

    Kerry Gilbride

    Hi. My name is Kerry, and I will be a junior this year. I am majoring in finance, and I absolutely love it. I am from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, which is about five hours from WVU, and I was originally born in New Jersey. Some of my favorite things to do are working out, going outdoors, listening to music and drawing. I can help to the best of my ability with any classes students might need help with, but can also just give advice or answer any questions they might have about WVU. I have lived in Evansdale and Downtown, so I am very familiar with both sides of campus if anyone has any questions about that.

    I always hated when people would ask me in the beginning of my college career what kind of job I would like someday. I honestly had no clue and I’m still deciding what I would like to try to do with my degree. I always felt embarrassed that I couldn’t give people an answer, but I knew it was better than making something up. So don’t feel pressured right away to figure that out.

    I was in freshman’s shoes just two years ago. I still remember how tough it was in the beginning of freshman year and all the struggles that has happened along the way. I have overcome many of my struggles though, and I have never been so proud of myself. I have tried so hard in school and my hard work has paid off. I would love to give other students my advice.

  • David Humphries

    David Humphries

    I chose West Virginia simply because it felt like home to me. I am from Virginia, but I spent a large amount of my childhood with my grandparents who live in southwestern Pennsylvania, and being close to them and the feel of the campus it was an easy choice.  I chose Chambers because I always knew I wanted to have a job in the business world, I just wasn’t quite sure where yet.  

    I struggled with deciding what I wanted to do and what I wanted my major to be, I’m still not 100% positive what I want to exactly do in my future but now I believe I want to pursue a career in the Management Information Systems major.  Before this recent decision, I had been a cybersecurity, sports media, and general business major.

    Students should listen to me because I have been in their shoes. College is not an easy time, but it should also be the best and most fun they have ever had.

  • Connor LaBombard

    Connor LaBombard

  • Shelby Lambert

    Shelby Lambert

    I'm originally from Chesapeake,Virginia, but we moved about 10 years ago. I have a twin brother named Zach, and he is a management major. If I were to talk about one of my weaknesses, it would be math. Yes, I’ve most definitely been in the students' shoes. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but turns out I needed a little more help than I thought. Just know there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

    I hard time deciding what I wanted to do when I was older. I used to just sit and think that nothing sounded interesting, until one day I was watching the show New Girl, and a character worked in marketing. I decided that day that marketing was for me, and I took every business class my high school offered.

    My favorite class was my business introduction class with Susan Lantz. I really loved that class, and my favorite project was when we had to set up all of our class schedules on our computers. This really kept me on track and I could check my to do lists everyday. At the time I thought it was so much work, but looking back it saved me a lot of time.

  • Kayla Guyton

    Kayla Guyton

    Hello! My name is Kayla Guyton, and I am a double major in Marketing and Management Information Systems with a minor in communications. I have a strong love for the WVU and the amazing people here! 

    Here are some fun facts about me. I am on the Women in Business marketing committee, so I love social media. Follow me on Instagram & check out my LinkedIn! Also, I have wanted to be a business major ever since I learned what it was. I have always loved speaking with others, and the idea of analytics. Lastly, I am super involved on campus, and you should be too! I am in Women in Business, Delta Sigma Pi, WVU Paws, the Neidermeyer Scholar Program, the Chambers Ambassador Program, the Honors College, and the Mountaineer Maniacs. Football games are my favorite part of the fall semester! 

    Being so involved on campus is my favorite part of the college experience and has allowed me to find my purpose on campus. When I came to WVU, at first I was nervous until I got involved and met some of my best friends! 

  • Emma LaBombard

    Emma LaBombard

    Hi everyone! My name is Emma LaBombard and I am an Honors junior double majoring in Accounting and MIS with a minor in data analytics at WVU. 

    Some fun facts about me are I went shark cage diving over the summer, I am one of the four drum majors for WVU’s Mountaineer Marching Band, and my favorite color is yellow closely followed by blue. Some roles I have at WVU include being a Neidermeyer Scholar (a tutor for ACCT 202), Treasurer for Women in Business, Vice President of Chapter Operations for Delta Sigma Pi (a professional business fraternity), Chambers Ambassador, Chambers Peer Mentor and Presidential Student Ambassador. 

    This past summer, I completed my first corporate internship with Air Products in their internal audit department as an IT Audit intern. Time management and communication skills have been key to allow me to be able to be involved and take advantage of the opportunities WVU has. I hope your time here as a Mountaineer is as great as mine has been thus far. Let’s Go!

  • Gianna Martino

    Gianna Martino

    Last year, I began my first semester as a freshman at West Virginia University. Because I would be entering into an unfamiliar environment, I was worried that I would have a challenging time, or that I wouldn’t like college. Allthose anxious or excited feelings that you may be feeling right now—I felt it too.

    It wasn’t until I met with my own peer mentor that I felt comfortable and confident in myself and my abilities. As a peer mentor, I am here to help you navigate college by providing you with advice on networking, getting involved, study habits, time management skills, and motivation techniques. Overall, I want to help you succeed!

  • Rachel Morgan

    Rachel Morgan

    While Morgantown wasn’t a far move from where I grew up, it has been so refreshing to have a fresh start. Adjusting to a new place can be hard, but understanding that I wasn’t alone was so comforting. If I could give one piece of advice to all incoming freshman, it would be take advantage of all your resources.

    Believe me when I say my first year seminar was honestly very helpful when it came to finding a comfort on campus. If I could have had more help with just one thing, it would’ve been finding a good study pattern early on. I found studying alone in a quiet spot downtown to be most successful.

    Don’t stress yourself out so much. College is overwhelming and can become too much at times if you let it. However, it is so important to take time for yourself and your own well being. Take in all the memories and make new friends, you will thank yourself later.

  • Mary Morris

    Mary Morris

    My name is Mary-Katherine Morris and I will be entering my sophomore year this fall 2022 semester. I am majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Business Cybersecurity and Data Analytics. 

    Five years ago, I never would have imagined myself deciding on this major, but once I became a bit more open-minded, I took a leap and have not regretted it since. WVU and the Chambers College is truly a place that feels like home to me. 

    The Chambers College offers countless resources to students to ensure our success and to give help whenever we need it.

  • Madelyn Mueller

    Madelyn Mueller

    Hey guys! My name is Maddie Mueller and I am a junior here at WVU studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am involved in my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma and also a member of a business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. I am from a small town north of Pittsburgh, called Mars. Yes, you heard that right, Mars. 

    I was on the diving team and cheerleading team in high school. I was a camp counselor all throughout high school and miss that so much! 

    I will be living in my sorority house this year and cannot wait!  And I love sushi and basically need something sweet after every meal! And I can’t wait for my junior year and all that is to come!

  • Griffin Poole

    Griffin Poole

  • Ryan Riccardi

    Ryan Riccardi

  • Kelissa Robertson

    Kelissa Robertson

    My name is Kelissa Robertson and I am from Princeton, WV. I am a part of a Greek Life organization, Alpha Omega Epsilon, as well as a member of The West Virginia Society of CPAs, AICPA, and Phi Eta Sigma. 

    I personally have dealt with many fast changes and adaptation over the years, so I am very familiar with new situations and how to conquer them! I love meeting new people and being able to help them. I am a current sophomore so just one year ago I was also in your shoes!

    As a freshman, I wish I'd known that it’s 100% acceptable to ask questions! Ask as many as you need to, and also make more friends in your first year classes, you’ll probably be seeing them around a lot more than you think. It’s also never too early to declare a minor!

  • Madeline Sarrett

    Madeline Sarrett

    My name is Madeline Sarrett and I’m a sophomore here at WVU. I love going to the gym, spending time with my friends and family, a good coffee and summertime. I’m so excited to be working as a peer mentor this year! I understand the struggle of adapting to college and all the challenges it brings. I want to help students when they find themselves at a crossroads.

    My advice to freshmen is don’t forget to make time for yourself. Rather it be going to the gym, buying yourself a coffee, or even going on a walk. Remembering to take a break from schoolwork can be so helpful to prevent from becoming overwhelmed.

  • Kellsey Savage

    Kellsey Savage

  • Erika Sherbondy

    Erika Sherbondy

    Hello everyone! My name is Erika Sherbondy, I am currently a junior in finance with a minor in statistics. A few fun facts about me are: I met Taylor Swift at a concert, I broke my hand in high school playing basketball and I just went to Ireland this summer. I am so excited to meet everyone and for this fall semester. If anyone needs help with scheduling to organization to thinking about switching majors, I’m here to help (I switched my major 3 times)!

    Going into college I had no idea what I wanted to do. I applied to different colleges for different majors. I ended up enrolling at WVU as an engineering major because I really did like math and science, and after my fall semester freshman year I thought I just wanted to be in sciences, so I switched to exercise physiology. I began to lose interest in that field and over the summer I did a lot of research and decided to go into finance.

    I didn't know Chambers College would mean so much to me when I first came but when entering the business world, they were so welcoming about switching my major and all the different options I might have in the future.

  • Ashley Staats

    Ashley Staats

    I primarily picked business because I knew what I didn’t want to major in. I wasn’t interested in health sciences or engineering; I like to be organized, I always want to know the rules and know what to do, and I like to work from a desk. So being in an HR or managerial position is what I want to do in the future.

    Both my parents are Alumni of WVU, same for my aunt and brother. It was always a given that I would go to WVU because, from the time I was really young, we attended football, basketball, and soccer games. So WVU was always home away from home.

    WVU is always adapting to change and wants the university to thrive. I am looking forward to Reynolds Hall’s new technology and the gorgeous view of the river. One word I think of when I think of Reynolds Hall is “high-tech."

  • Bridget Stephan

    Bridget Stephan

    Fun facts about me:

    • I have fallen in the Baltimore Harbor 3 times (I don’t recommend it)
    • I came into WVU extremely undecided, with a list of 40 majors that I liked.
    • I like hiking, kayaking, archery, and being outside in general!
    • I eat tomatoes like apples

    Business wasn't always a path I thought I'd take. I had 40 majors I liked and none of them were accounting. I ended up here because I had to take Accounting 201 for other majors I wanted to do and it seemed to click!

    I tutor Acct 201 so if you need help with that come visit me in the AeSC! I can also try to help with Acct 202, Econ 201 & 202, English, math, Bio, BCOR 340, BCOR 320, BCOR 350, FIN 330, and a few others. If you need anything, I’m always willing to help. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll help you find someone who does!

  • Claire Ullom

    Claire Ullom

    Hi, my name is Claire Ullom, I currently live in Morgantown, WV but spent most of my life living in New Hope, PA. I have always loved the state of West Virginia, because I always looked forward to visiting my extended family members here. But now, I am happy to say that WVU is my second home, and it has given me a sense of belonging. 

    I am grateful for everything that the University and the Chambers College has done to make my college experiences so great. In my free time, I enjoy baking, going to concerts and hanging out with my friends. I have always been goal-oriented and work hard to achieve my goals and therefore, I will be here to help the freshman class succeed in achieving their goals. I was once in their shoes. I went to a small high school outside of Philadelphia, and the only other person I knew at WVU was my older sister. 

    I understand how hard it can be to engage yourself and feel comfortable in a new environment. I look forward to helping students find their path and gain that sense of belonging!

  • Galilea Villasenor

    Galilea Villasenor

    My name is always my conversation starter. My favorite reaction is when people start singing Bohemian Rhapsody or when they compare me to Galileo Galilei.

    I am a first generation Mexican-American student here at WVU and I was a college freshman during a global pandemic which means I’m basically invincible. My motto is work smarter not harder and that is why I decided to join this program. I want to help other students find success and I hope that my tips and tricks can benefit you too.

    You should choose elective courses that you are truly interested in and that align with your goals. You should not choose a class based on level of difficulty or because you heard it was easy. Electives can be just as important as degree seeking classes and can be used to help you determine what you do and don’t like.

  • Tucker Workman

    Tucker Workman

    From an early age I knew I always wanted a career in business. My grandfather was an entrepreneur, and even though I never got to meet him, I heard intriguing tales about his ventures that inspired me to follow in a similar path. I have had a couple of small businesses as a child and teen, and I always enjoyed tracking the data. That’s what helped me land on accounting as a major.

    I have always found it difficult to perform well in interviews and public speaking. I knew coming into college that to succeed in the business world, I would have to work and perfect this struggle. I have joined student organizations and jumped at any chance I could get with interviewing. 

    I hope to leave a positive impact on WVU by inspiring other students to find their work and studies as thrilling as I do, so we can all succeed in the workforce one day.