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Graduate Student Teacher Information

Graduate student teachers at the WVU College of Business and Economics are professionals. To your students, you are the face of WVU. You are the face of the academic discipline of Economics.

Academic Dishonesty and Grade Appeals

You may have a case of cheating by one of your students. Here is WVU policy, summarized in two important one-page pdfs. If you encounter a case of academic dishonesty, please immediately consult with the Chair of the Department of Economics.

Course Information

Final Exam Schedule

Instructors are required to give a final and to give it at the university scheduled time and day. Please see for the current final exam schedule.

More Resources

Incomplete Grade Contract - To issue a grade of "I" the instructor and student must complete and sign the Incomplete Grade Contract.

Scanning Instructions - for those who use scantrons in large classes

Statement on Student Attendance from the WVU Faculty Senate

Make the First Week Count from the WVU Office of the Provost

Encouraging Civil Behavior in Large Classes