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Labs and Facilities

From cutting-edge research labs equipped with advanced technology to collaborative spaces that foster creativity and teamwork, our facilities empower students to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, providing the perfect setting to cultivate your skills and achieve academic excellence.

Behavioral Economics and Situational Testing (BEAST) Lab 

Reynolds Hall 4006

Nathaniel Burke, Ph.D.

The BEAST Lab uses experimental methods to explore behavioral questions in economics and related fields, focusing on projects that make a difference for marginalized communities. Current research emphasizes education mentoring, identity and gender, currency stability, team formation, group identity cohesion, effects of propaganda and much more. Undergraduate students can join the BEAST Lab as research apprentices through the RAP program. They can learn from active graduate students in the lab, assist with research and data analysis, and develop their own research skills.

Social Technology And Research (STAR) Lab

Laurel Cook

The STAR Lab focuses on the broader context of social technology, going beyond just social media. Here, students can learn about content creation (written, visual, and audio), G-suite software tools, search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, influencer marketing and more. The STAR Lab provides access to cutting-edge technology, including Meta Quest 2 bundles, VR viewers, touch monitors, podcast equipment, iPad Air, Alienware computer processing and various software such as, SEMRush and Mailchimp.

Roll Capital Markets Center

Reynolds Hall 3201

Brant Hammer

The Roll Capital Markets Center is a cutting-edge financial trading lab equipped with Bloomberg terminals and a stock ticker, providing students with real-time data used by industry professionals. The lab's layout mirrors that of major Wall Street banks, ensuring a seamless transition for students entering the industry. Its focus lies in capital markets learning and research, covering stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange and derivatives markets. Bloomberg Terminals, available on many computer stations, serve as the primary tool, offering simplified access to crucial financial information and research. The lab also serves as the meeting place for the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), a hands-on program where students manage a real money portfolio exceeding $500,000.

Wehrle Global Supply Chain Lab 

Reynolds Hall 3203

Quinn Jones

The Wehrle Global Supply Chain Lab is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide students with hands-on experience in supply chain management. With cutting-edge technology and software, students engage in real-world case studies and projects sourced from industry partners, bridging theory and practice. The lab fosters strong industry partnerships, bringing in experts as guest lecturers and mentors and serving as a hub for supply chain research. Workshops and seminars with practitioners and thought leaders offer networking opportunities, while career development resources connect students with potential employers. Cross-disciplinary collaboration empowersstudents to excel in the ever-changing world of supply chain management.

Dr. Randy and Karen Evans Cybersecurity Lab 

Reynolds Hall 5006

Nathaniel Burke, Ph.D.

The Karen Evans Cybersecurity Lab provides hands-on learning experiences in cybersecurity through real-world projects. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, students engage in research and service projects that impact digital security. The lab offers a cutting-edge and flexible workspace equipped with advanced cybersecurity software and tools, serving as a gateway to industry partnerships and preparing learners for cybersecurity careers.

Nemacolin Hospitality Innovation and Technology Lab


Ajay Aluri

The Nemacolin Hospitality Innovation and Technology Lab at WVU aims to foster innovation and technological advancements in the hospitality industry. Through cutting-edge interactive tools like Internet of Things (IoTs), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices, HIT Lab partners can access various hospitality software and applications. The lab's purpose is to develop, test and evaluate new information technologies, conduct research projects and offer training for both students and the hospitality workforce. It provides state-of-the-art analytical tools and statistical software for data collection and analysis, enabling students to tackle real-life industry problems and trends.

Data Analytics Lab

Reynolds Hall 3202

Joshua Meadows

Step into the Data Analytics Lab at Reynolds Hall, where hands-on learners can immerse themselves in real-world projects that make a difference in West Virginia's prosperity and economic health. Our collaborative and flexible workspace fosters innovation and skill development, guided by WVU faculty and staff. Laptops are available for those who need them, and the lab can accommodate up to 8 working groups. As a portal to the cloud, our lab partners with industry leaders to bridge the skills gap in data analytics. Through capstone projects, employment opportunities, and extracurricular experiences, students gain practical skills and knowledge, preparing you for exciting careers in data science, analytics and cybersecurity.