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Criteria for Recommending Renewal of Assistantships

The faculty of the Department of Economics wish to ensure that as many students as possible complete the requirements for their doctoral degree in a timely manner (four to five years). The criteria for renewing assistantships described below reflect that objective. As long as students meet these criteria, they will keep on track for a timely completion of their Ph.D. requirements and may be reasonably assured of retaining financial aid through their fourth year in the program, unless otherwise specified in the initial offer letter.If there is strong evidence that a student will complete all degree requirements during the fifth year, the department makes every effort to provide financial support; but such funding is less certain.

Academic Criteria for Renewal of Assistantships

The criteria set out below are guidelines. Exceptions may be made, especially when there are unusual circumstances.

Other Criteria for Retaining an Assistantship

The latter two criteria are University regulations that cannot be waived by the Department of Economics or the College of Business and Economics.

Financial assistance is always contingent on availability of funds and, therefore, could be affected by budget reductions. To date, however, the department has not had to unexpectedly withdraw or fail to renew an assistantship solely due to funding cuts.


Approved October 1996
Revised course numbers, April 2002
Updated August 2006, December 2009, August 2013, and August 2016