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MS Industrial Relations


For students who do not have preparation in business foundation classes (accounting, economics, finance, marketing or management): online courses are available after admitted into the program. These courses must be completed during the summer, prior to the Fall 1 semester.

Year 1

Fall Semester 1
Spring Semester 1
Summer Semester 1

* Global Track students will study at the University of Strasbourg during Spring semester 1.

Year 2

Fall Semester
Spring Semester 

One-Year MSIR Option

Some students who already possess a JD, MBA or other MS degree from a US institution can apply to complete the MSIR degree program in one year. Not all applicants will be approved for the one-year option. The one-year plan of study is listed below. Variations to the plan of study may include substituting alternative required courses, depending upon the applicant's relevant work experience or Master's degree held. The required 33 credit hours for individuals completing the one-year option is as follows:

Fall (15 hours)
Spring (18 hours)