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Graduate Program Advising

Our graduate advisers are here to help guide you through the graduate school experience and should be the first people you turn to for questions about your plan of study, course registration, or any issues that come up while you are completing your degree. They can help you decide which course load is best for you (full-time, part-time, dual degree) and make sure you meet  prerequisite requirements. They also work with students interested in graduate assistantships, certificate programs, career placement, or study abroad.

Only advisers can can override course restrictions, prerequisites, and course substitutions. If you have difficulty with your course registration, please email your adviser your name, student ID number (700# or 800#), and what issue you are having. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your adviser if you have a question!

John Chambers College of Business and Economics Graduate Advisers

We recommend checking in with your adviser at least once a semester to ensure you are on track.

Patty Slagel

Meet Patty

304-293-0263 |

Patty Slagel Patty Slagel advises all of our MBA programs: Full-time on-campus MBA, Online Hybrid MBA, Healthcare Business Administration MBA, and any dual degree program that includes one of the aforementioned degrees.

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