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The Academic engagement Success Center (Reynolds 2400) is a study center with presentation practice rooms, group work centers, computer bays and tutors on hand to assist students in a variety of business and communication subjects. 

Summer Hours (5/15 – 6/23):
Virtual Only Monday through Friday: 9 am - 3 pm

What is the AeSC, you Ask?

Most college students who struggle with academics, with communication skills, or with career preparedness don’t lack ability or intelligence. They lack an understanding of the mechanisms behind success.  In other words, they don’t yet know how to “play the game.”  

The Academic Engagement and Success Center (AeSC) pulls together separate pedagogically-based programs that rely on peer assisted tutoring, review, and coaching skills to help our students become better scholars, writers, speakers, and professionals-in-training.  AeSC selects student leaders and trains them to run review sessions, become better communicators, and model successful student behaviors. We also coordinate relationships between Chambers College freshman students, our faculty, and the Adventure West Virginia Program.

The Neidermeyer Scholars Program
Using Supplemental Instruction best practices, we identify traditionally challenging undergraduate business courses (currently this includes Accounting 201 and 202, Economics 201 and 202, and Statistics), embed a student who has received an A in the course already into the course, and have them run at least two review sessions a week for the students currently taking the course. Our end-goal is to improve retention.
The Business Communications Center 
We pair peer tutors with sections of our Business Communication classes for out-of-class tutorials to support written and oral communication, in addition to offering writing and speaking help to all students in the college. We offer tutoring help to graduate students, and we offer workshops and consultations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Tutoring support is available for courses in Management Information Systems and Finance. Tutors are top students selected by faculty for their academic performance.


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