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Department of Management Information Systems

Business Cybersecurity Management


  • 30 Hours / Full or Part Time
  • Online
  • Completed in 3-6 semesters
  • Start in Fall or Spring
  • No Prerequisites
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Faculty Spotlight: Chris Ramezan

In April 2024, a team of West Virginia University students participated in one of the world’s premier cybersecurity competitions, held for the first time on WVU’s campus. 

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"I’ve always been aware of being a woman in a male-dominated field. That’s never going to stop me."
Audrey Rader | She/Her/Hers - Feature Story | Business Magazine

Cyberthreats are real, and affect everything from local small businesses to national-scale critical infrastructure utilities.

Trained cybersecurity professionals are crucial to maintaining and improving the confidentiality, integrity, availability, safety, and resilience of our information systems, data, infrastructure, assets, and people. The MS in Business Cybersecurity Management (CYBR) program will provide students with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to build, work within, or lead effective cybersecurity operations teams.

Our online CYBR program allows students to work in teams with expert faculty conducting hands-on technical labs, learning complex technologies while working with a flexible schedule and location independence. The program helps students get up to speed, while challenging those with deep technical expertise. 

CYBR courses cover cutting-edge technical and management-focused topics and sub-fields within cybersecurity. Everything from cybersecurity data analytics, machine learning, security architecture to cryptography, penetration testing, software security, and more. You can even work with expert faculty on basic and applied cybersecurity research.

Experiential learning is a hallmark of the Chambers College, and the cornerstone of our CYBR program. Students will work on a live cybersecurity project with a major corporation, which allows students to display their abilities to their public or private team sponsors. Teamwork, research, resourcefulness, and problem-solving are key to the success in the capstone course, CYBR program, and the cybersecurity field at large.

Students can also graduate with at least two technical certifications along with their CYBR degree. While the goal is for students to pass the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, material for eleven industry certifications are in the coursework. The certification expectations for graduation improve job placements for the students without extensive job experience.

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Locked Shields
Our CYBR students are given the opportunity to participate in Locked Shields, a CCDCOE exercise that allows our students to experience real-world cybersecurity scenarios.

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Whether you are a veteran, a reservist, a National Guardsman, or still serving on active duty, West Virginia University is a great place to further your education. The Military Times ranked WVU as the 14th Best College for Vets in 2023. At WVU you will find faculty, staff, and students who want to support you and help you succeed.

WVU offers several resources for current and former military personnel and incentives for online programs as well.


West Virginia University has worked hard to make its programs affordable for military personnel and veterans. WVU is a Yellow Ribbon Program participant, meaning that the university agrees to waive a portion of tuition not covered by the GI Bill. Unlike most universities, WVU participates in the program for all graduate and professional programs. Additionally, the John Chambers College of Business and Economics offers a $100 discount per credit hour to all current and former service personnel pursuing the Business Cybersecurity Management program.

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Total Cost for
30 Credit Hours


  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Security Management Specialist
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Business Continuity Planners
  • Information Technology Project Manager

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Application Deadlines:

  • Fall – June 1
  • Spring – December 1
Late applications accepted as space allows.

  • CYBR 510 Cybersecurity Information Systems Management
  • CYBR 520 Business Cybersecurity Analytics
  • CYBR 525 Information Security Assurance Management
  • CYBR 530 Business Data Communications
  • CYBR 535 Business Network Security
  • CYBR 540 Information Ethics and Legal Procedures 
  • CYBR 545 Business Cybercrime Management
  • CYBR 550 Business Enterprise Security Architecture
  • BUDA 550 Business Data Visualization
  • CYBR 555 Business Cybersecurity Practicum


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