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Online MS Business Data Analytics


The Business Data Analytics (BUDA) program at the Chambers College of Business and Economics is located at the intersection of prescriptive analytics and data science for business.  Prescriptive analytics uses techniques from operations research, operations management and global supply chain to help businesses achieve better decisions.  Data science for business entails the use of data management technologies, data mining, machine learning and visualization techniques to help organizations better use the large-scale data they collect to optimize business outcomes.  Additionally, the curriculum lends itself to large scale data set analysis for problems such as sports management, healthcare research, or the investigation of solutions for societal issues.  Students will have the knowledge and skills to demonstrate expertise in statistical techniques, data mining, database utilization and analytical tools.  They will also apply data analytics to decision making in organizations, improving performance metrics and measurement, risk indicators, assessment and response and compliance.  BUDA graduate students will use business analytics to synthesize data trends and identify competitive drivers, as well as successfully communicate the analysis and findings of an analytics initiative using data analytics visualization tools and advanced presentation skills to facilitate data-driven decision making.  All BUDA students work on experiential learning projects with companies and clients and present their results in a C-Suite level presentation at the conclusion of their capstone project.  The mission of our program is to enhance a student’s ability to use analytics and data science techniques to support informed business decisions and increase organizational value.

Cost and Aid

How much does Business Data Analytics at WVU cost? The West Virginia Board of Trustees establishes tuition and fees annually. Visit Revenue Services for current tuition and fees. The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time. The current fee structure for the Business Data Analytics program is $820 per credit for resident and non-resident students.

Financial Aid

WVU has a strong comprehensive financial aid program to help you finance your education. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed before March 1. For more information, visit the Student Financial Aid Office website or call 304-293-1988.


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