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Undergraduate Advising

Our professionally staffed, in-house advising office can provide you with support and guidance — whether that means help with course selections for any of our majors, referral to other campus services, or to study abroad.

Students are required to meet with their adviser at least once per semester. Students receive an email via Navigate Campus which includes a link to schedule their appointment. This will enable students to register for the next semester’s classes on their priority date. If you wish to request a permit for a class offered by a department outside the Chambers College, you will have to contact that department.

Request a permit into a full or restricted class

To request a permit for a restricted course, please email your Chambers Academic Advisor. If you are outside of the Chambers College, please email If a course is full, students must add themselves to the waitlist and cannot override this process.

Be advised that online asynchronous (without meeting times) sections of Chambers College classes which have section numbers starting with a “7” are reserved for students in our online degree programs (showing in the course restrictions as major codes 2143, 2164, 2165). If there are any available seats in these sections when the initial registration period closes, we will open them to on-campus students at that time.