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Undergraduate Advising

A professionally staffed, in-house advising office provides students support and guidance—whether that means help with course selections for any of the 11 majors offered, referral to other campus services, or to study abroad.

Students are required to meet with their adviser at least one time each semester. Students receive an email via Navigate Campus which includes a link to schedule their appointment. This will enable students to register for the next semester’s classes on their priority date. If you wish to request a permit for a class offered by a department outside the Chambers College, you will have to contact that department.

Request a permit into a full class

The form to request a permit into an on-campus class for Fall 2020 has closed. If you submitted a request, you will receive an email by May 1. If you want to request a permit for an on-campus class and did not do so through the form, contact your advisor. Requests submitted through the form will be processed first, then additional requests will be considered.

We are no longer accepting permit requests for online classes. Chambers students in an online degree program will be able to register; if problems arise, contact your advisor. For all other students, once an online class is full, it is full. You may check the schedule of courses on August 13 to see if any additional seats are available.

Graduate Program Advising

The professional graduate programs advising staff assists students in any of the four full-time or four online graduate degree programs. Graduate advisers can help you decide which program is best for you (full-time, dual-degree or online) and make sure you meet the prerequisite requirements. They also work with students interested in graduate assistantships, career placement or study abroad.

Advisers are the only ones who can override course restrictions, prerequisites and course substitutions.  Graduate students who experience difficulty with registration should send an email to and include name, student ID number, course name, CRN and error message.