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Recommended Course Sequence

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

5th Semester

6th Semester

7th Semester

8th Semester

Hospitality Area of Emphasis:
MANG 376 – Hospitality and Tourism Leadership
MANG 470 – Tourism
MANG 471 – Restaurant Management
MANG 472 – Hotel Management

Human Resource Management Area of Emphasis:
HRMG 440 - Training and Development
HRMG 450 - Staffing and Selection
HRMG 460 - Compensation and Benefits
HRMG 470 - Conflict Management
HRMG 480 - Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations

International Business Area of Emphasis:
INBS 310 - Global Business Communication
INBS 480 (Global Strategy) + 2 of the following... 
ECON 451 - International Trade
FIN 480 - International Finance
MKTG 485 (Global Marketing)  or MKTG 440

Small Business / Entrepreneurship Area of Emphasis:
SBEN 310 - Small Business Management
(effective Spring 2015, use ENTR 400, Fundamentals Entrep.)
SBEN 410 - Small Business Management II
(effective Spring 2015, use ENTR 420, Entrep. Finance)
SBEN 438 - Entrepreneurship
(effective Spring 2015, use ENTR 430, Business Analysis and Planning)
SBEN 440 - Practicum in Small Business (effective Spring 2015, use ENTR 440, Entrep. Practicum)

Supply Chain Management:
GSCM 350 Sourcing and Supply Management 
GSCM 355 Logistics and Distribution Mgnt
GSCM 450 Supply Chain Quality Management 
GSCM 455 Project Management 
MIST 320 Managing Information Technology

A student must declare an Area of Emphasis (AoE) upon matriculation to the management program. In each area, students must take four-five courses from the lists shown. Students should consult with the academic advisor to determine which area of emphasis compliments their career interests.