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James Field, Ph.D.

James Field, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


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James Field, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. James Field is a member of the Department of Management at West Virginia University. Since 2011 Dr. Field has contributed to the metaBUS project, which is the world’s largest searchable, cloud-based database of scientific findings since 2011. He is also an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science. Dr. Field’s research has been published in outlets like Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. In 2015 he was a recipient of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s Best International Paper Award and recently received awards from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Graduate School and SIOP for his dissertation research.

His research spans the areas of organizational behavior, human resource management, and organizational research methods. Dr. Field is especially interested in employee staffing (e.g., employee turnover), different aspects of employee motivation (e.g., stress, recovery, justice), meta-analysis, sensitivity analysis, open science, and approaches for summarizing entire scientific literatures.


  • Ph.D., Business, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • M.B.A., Marshall University
  • B.S., Business Administration, Glenville State College

Honors Awards

  • 2017 Dean's Scholar Award from the VCU School of Business
  • VCU's Graduate School 2016-2017 Dissertation Award ($23,000)
  • SIOP's 2016-2017 Dissertation Scholarship ($3,000)
  • Awarded Best International Paper by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Philadelphia, PA. for Field, J. G., Munc, A. H., Bosco, F. A., Uggerslev, K. L., Steel, P. (2015). Effect size benchmarks for common I-O topics around the globe.
  • Paper published in Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings: Bosco, F.A., Field, J.G., & Pierce, C.A. (2012, August). Accommodational plasticity in organizational science: Influence of hypothesis framing on effect size. Paper presented at the meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.

Recent Publications

  • Bennett, A. A., Bakker, A. B., & Field, J. G. (in press). Recovery from work-related effort: A meta-analysis. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Bosco, F. A., Aguinis, H., Field, J. G., Pierce, C. A., & Dalton, D. R. (2016). HARKing's threat to organizational research: Evidence from primary and meta-analytic sources. Personnel Psychology, 69, 709-750. doi: 10.1111/peps.12111
  • Bosco, F. A., Steel, P., Oswald, F. O., Uggerslev, K., Field, J. G. (2015). Cloud-based meta-analyses to bridge science and practice: Welcome to metaBUS. Personnel Assessment and Decisions, 1, 3-17. [Invited submission]
  • Open Science Collaboration. (2015). Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. Science, 6251. doi: [Ranked as a Top 5 breakthrough article by Science]
  • Bosco, F. A., Aguinis, H., Singh, K., Field, J. G., & Pierce, C. A. (2015). Correlational effect size benchmarks. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 431-449. doi: 10.1037/a0038047 (Data files available online)

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