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WVU Startup Engine Incubator

Sarah Biller

Executive Director


Outcome-driven, energetic entrepreneur, executive & educator with experiences founding start-ups and also innovating in large, incumbent firms in the Financial Services, Life Sciences and Telecom sectors. I like to be the first one in tackling hard problems; building talented, outcome-oriented teams; investing the time, smarts and capital in new ideas; and, then leveraging strong quantitative and analytic skills, strategic insights and interpersonal relationships to drive business objectives, profitable results and exits.

Core skills include:
- Corporate Leadership and P&L Operations
- Competitive and Complex Analysis
- Consensus and Team Builder
- Emerging Technologies (AI, NLP, Blockchain)
- Data Consent, Governance, Aggregation & Analytics
- Predictive Analytics
- New Product and Business Development
- Early Stage Start-up Advisory & Investing
- Venture Fundraising / IPO / Crypto 

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