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Bo Lan, Ph.D.

Bo Lan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Global Supply Chain Management


304-293-7852bo.lan@mail.wvu.edu6003Reynolds Hall

Global Supply Chain Management

Bo Lan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Global Supply Chain Management


Dr. Lan holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and a Bachelor of Economics in Business Administration from Beijing University of Technology. He has more than ten years working experience in supply chain management (SCM) in some world leading companies, e.g. Kraft, Nabisco, TNT. Within the industrial practices, he had a passion to analyze the whole supply chain process to reduce inventory, lead time and increase efficiency and customer service level. He then attended the Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University where he received his Ph.D. in supply chain management. After that he joined the faculty of the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at WVU.


The fundamental goal of his research in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is to leverage his expertise in mathematical modeling to promote sustainable SCM by incorporating new technologies or techniques. There are two research streams. First, introducing new technologies, e.g. drones or electric vehicles, into the traditional vehicle routing problem (VRP) models and find high quality solutions of the new variants with operational research techniques. The reduction in cost and pollution can mitigate the negative impact of SCM activities. Second, developing more effective metaheuristics with new techniques to solve NP-hard models of VRP.


As an award-winning teacher, Dr. Lan’s philosophy of teaching is to help all students to be successful. His industrial experience and expertise in research let him foster students’ problem-solving strategies in supply chain management. He has taught qualitative and quantitative courses of supply chain management. At the College of Business and Economics he teaches supply chain analytics and supply chain network design.


  • Ph.D., Supply Chain Management, Iowa State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Bachelor of Economics in Business Administration, Beijing University of Technology

Honors Awards

  • Graduate College Research Excellence Award, March 2020, Iowa State University.
  • Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award, November 2019, Iowa State University.

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