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Meg Tuszynski

Business and Economics Building


Meg Tuszynski

Visiting Lecturer


Meg is the Assistant Director of the Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom, and is also a Research Assistant Professor with the Bridwell Institute. Her research focuses primarily on the determinants and correlates of economic freedom. A second, but related, strand of research focuses on potential for private, philanthropic organizations to provide viable alternatives to public poverty relief programs. Before joining the Bridwell Institute, Meg was the Program Manager for the Spending and Budget Initiative at the Mercatus Center. She earned her PhD and MA in economics, and a dual BA in philosophy and economics, from George Mason University. Her research interests include Austrian Economics, Public Choice, New Institutional Economics, and Political Economy.


PhD, Economics, George Mason University
MA, Economics, George Mason University
BA, Economics, Philosophy, George Mason University

Recent Publications

"Targeted State Economic Development Incentives and Entrepreneurship" (with Dean Stansel) Forthcoming in the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. "Samaritan's Dilemmas, Wealth Redistribution, and Polycentricity" (with Richard Wagner) Forthcoming in the Handbook on Eminent Post-War Economists. "Is Arkansas Prepared for the Next Economic Downturn" (with Dean Stansel and David Mitchell) Forthcoming as an ACRE Policy Review. "Aging Populations and the Size of Government" (with Ryan Murphy) IREF Working Paper No. 201802. "On the Feasibility of Public Employee Buyouts for Alleviating West Virginia's Fiscal Strain" Forthcoming as a Cardinal Institute Working Paper.

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