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Troy Felver

Troy Felver

Teaching Assistant Professor


troy.felver@mail.wvu.edu6124Reynolds Hall

General Business

Troy Felver

Teaching Assistant Professor


Prof. Troy B. Felver is a faculty member in the Management Department in the Chambers College of Business and Economics, where he teaches business and commercial law courses. 

His research focuses on how law and business intersect with emerging technologies, including the areas of autonomous vehicles and distributed ledger technologies.  Law tends to be conservative and slow moving, to provide stability of expectations among counterparties. However, in areas with rapid technological progress, the lack of legal protections can stunt emerging industries.  Too heavy of a hand can reach the same result.  Prof. Felver’s research provides guidance to achieve an efficient equilibrium between over and under regulation in new economic sectors.

Prior to WVU, Prof. Felver taught at several universities in East Asia, with courses including Banking Law and Regulation, Business Ethics, Contract and Corporation Law, International Commercial Contracts, and International Negotiations at the undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. levels, along with creating and leading Diversity and Sexual Harassment Awareness Workshops.  He is admitted as a member of the New York Bar.


  • LLM, Kyushu University

    JD, University of Virginia

    MBA, Miami University

    BS in Business, Miami University

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