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Ryan Angus, Ph.D.

Ryan Angus, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


304-293-3798ryan.angus@mail.wvu.edu6133Reynolds Hall


Ryan Angus, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Dr. Ryan Angus joined WVU in 2018 as an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship. His academic research uses natural language processing and quantitative statistical analysis to develop a deeper theoretical understanding of how entrepreneurs and innovators can optimally position their products at entry, learn from experience, enroll others in their endeavors, and efficiently govern contracts. Additionally, Ryan has over 10 years of industry experience working for a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, a regional economic development agency, and as a medical device entrepreneur.


Ph.D., Entrepreneurship and Strategy, University of Utah

M.B.A., Weber State University

B.S., Marketing, Weber State University

Honors Awards

James Coffman Fellow in Entrepreneurial Studies

Recent Publications

Angus, R.W. In press (2019). Problemistic search and entrepreneurial performance. Strategic Management Journal, 40(12), 2011-2023.

Barlow, M.A., Verhaal, J.C., & Angus, R.W. (2019). Optimal distinctiveness, strategic categorization, and product market entry on the Google Play app platform. Strategic Management Journal, 40(8), 1219-1242.

Burns, B.L., Barney, J.B., Angus, R.W., & Herrick, H.N. (2016). Enrolling stakeholders under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 10: 97-106.

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