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Kelly Nix, Ph.D.

304-293-7942kelly.nix@mail.wvu.edu114Business and Economics Building

Organizational Leadership

Kelly Nix, Ph.D.

Teaching Associate Professor and Program Coordinator


Dr. Kelly Nix is a Teaching Associate Professor at West Virginia University Chambers College of Business and Economics where she teaches a variety of leadership courses and is the program coordinator for the Organizational Leadership major.  Prior to landing her position with the Chambers College of Business and Economics, she was an Associate Professor and Leadership Specialist for West Virginia University Extension Service. In this role, she developed and led the statewide Community Leadership Academy and provided leadership trainings and strategic planning sessions with a wide variety of groups and organizations across West Virginia.  Dr. Nix is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and provides coaching and training sessions throughout the year.  


Ph.D., Human and Community Development, West Virginia University
(Leadership and Motivation)

M.Ed., Wellness Management, East Tennessee State University
(Employee and Community Wellness)

Coach, Gallup Strengths

Trainer, Canfield Success Principles

Facilitator, Leadership Strategies, Inc.

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