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Olga Bruyaka Ph.D.

Olga Bruyaka Ph.D.

Associate Professor


304-293-7842Olga.Bruyaka@mail.wvu.edu6117Reynolds Hall


Olga Bruyaka Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. Bruyaka’s research is focused on studying key sources of value creation in organizations including knowledge search (exploration and exploitation), inter-firm collaboration (alliance portfolio diversity), strategic complementarity in mergers and acquisitions, and internationalization (ambidextrous internationalization trajectories). Bruyaka studies implications of firms’ strategies for their innovation outcomes (academic publications, patents, new product introductions, etc.), economic performance (net income, return on assets, etc.), market value, as well as longevity (firms’ survival, shut-down, sell-off, etc.). The empirical context of Bruyaka’s research includes emerging industries (fiber optics in 1970s, biotechnology in 1980s) and knowledge-driven industries (biopharmaceuticals). Olga Bruyaka has publications in highly regarded academic journals including Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, and Information Technology and Management Journal.
Originally from Ukraine, Bruyaka received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University. While doing her studies in Ukraine, Bruyaka worked at Credit Lyonnais (French bank) and at Carbon Consulting International Ukraine Ltd. (Ukrainian company). After winning a French government study grant, Bruyaka went to France to get her Master’s degree in Strategic Management, followed by Ph.D. in Management from EM Lyon Business School. While pursuing her Ph.D., Bruyaka worked as a research and teaching assistant and taught courses in Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation Management, and Introduction to Research. After completing her doctorate degree in 2008, Bruyaka came to the U.S. and worked as an Assistant Professor of Management (with focus on strategic management) at Virginia Tech prior to joining West Virginia University in 2015.
Strategic Management, Global Business Communications, International Business


  • Ph.D., Management EM Lyon Business School and Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3), France
  • M.S., Strategy and Management, EM Lyon Business School and Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3), France
  • M.S., Economics, Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine
  • B.S., Management, Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine

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