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Kip Holderness Ph.D.

304-293-7847Kip.Holderness@mail.wvu.edu305Business and Economics Building


Kip Holderness Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Master of Forensic and Fraud Examination (FFE)


Kip Holderness specializes in managerial and forensic accounting, and works extensively with doctoral students conducting various research projects. He currently serves as the Director of Research for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Research Institute.

Dr. Holderness’ research focuses primarily on the impact of fraud and employee deviance on individuals and organizations as well as improving detection methods. He also examines the effects of personality and generational differences in the workplace. He has published in practitioner and academic journals in the areas of fraud and forensics, auditing, managerial accounting, information systems, and accounting education. In addition, Dr. Holderness has received numerous research grants from the Institute for Fraud Prevention and the Institute of Management Accountants.

While at West Virginia University, Dr. Holderness has been awarded several teaching awards by the Beta Alpha Psi Organization. In addition, he has received numerous awards for his research including the 2015 Issues in Accounting Education Best Paper Award and the 2020 Accounting Horizons Best Paper Award.


  • Ph.D., Bentley University
  • M.S., Accountancy, Brigham Young University
  • B.S., Accountancy, Brigham Young University

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