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Julian Givi

Julian Givi

Assistant Professor


304-293-7964julian.givi@mail.wvu.edu6109Reynolds Hall


Julian Givi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Givi’s research focuses on consumer behavior, consumer psychology, and judgment and decision making. In particular, he studies how and why consumers err when gift giving, the biases that emerge when consumers forecast what will occur in the future, and how consumers perceive probability. His research has been published in the Journal of Consumer PsychologyJournal of Business ResearchJournal of the Association for Consumer ResearchPsychology & MarketingEuropean Journal of MarketingJournal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Current Directions in Psychological Science. He has presented his work at the annual meetings of the Association for Consumer Research and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making.


  • Ph.D., Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.S.B.A., Finance, University of Pittsburgh


Recent Publications

Givi, Julian and Yumei Mu (2023). “The Oversensitivity in Gift Giving Phenomenon,” Marketing Letters.

Reshadi, Farnoush, Julian Givi, and Gopal Das (2023), "Gifting Digital versus Physical Gift Cards: How and Why Givers and Recipients Have Different Preferences for a Gift Card's Mode of Delivery," Psychology & Marketing.

Gupta, Mansi, Parvathy, Julian Givi, Moumita Dey, H. Kent Baker, and Gopal Das (2023), "A Bibliometric Analysis of Gift Giving," Psychology & Marketing.

Givi, Julian, Laura Birg, Tina M. Lowrey, and Jeff Galak (2023), "An Integrative Review of Gift-Giving Research in Consumer Behavior and Marketing," Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Givi, Julian and Gopal Das (2023), "Givers Eschew Gifts That Are Inferior to Their Own: How Social Norms, Regulatory Focus, and Concerns about Offending Lead Givers Astray," Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Reshadi, Farnoush and Julian Givi (2022), "Spending the Most on Those Who Need It the Least: Gift Givers Buy More Expensive Gifts for Affluent Recipients," European Journal of Marketing.

Givi, Julian and Yumei Mu (2022), "Your Gift but My Attitude: Gift Givers' Aversion to Giving Attitude-Inconsistent Gifts," European Journal of Marketing, 56 (5), 1488-1511.

Givi, Julian and Jeff Galak (2022), "Gift Recipients' Beliefs about Occasion-Based and Non-Occasion-Based Gifts: The Importance of Signaling Care and Meeting Expectations in Gift Giving," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 32 (3), 445-465.

Givi, Julian and Gopal Das (2021), "To Earmark or Not to Earmark When Gift-Giving: Gift-Givers' and Gift-Recipients' Diverging Preferences for Earmarked Cash Gifts," Psychology & Marketing, 39 (2), 420-428.

Givi, Julian (2021), "When a Gift Exchange Isn't an Exchange: Why Gift Givers Underestimate How Uncomfortable Recipients Feel Receiving a Gift without Reciprocating," Journal of Business Research, 129 (May), 393-405.

Givi, Julian, Jeff Galak, and Christopher Y. Olivola (2021), "The Thought that Counts is the One We Ignore: How Givers Overestimate the Importance of Relative Gift Value," Journal of Business Research, 123 (February), 502-515.

Givi, Julian and Christopher Y. Olivola (2020), "How Do I like My Chances (to Unfold)? Why Perceived Scarcity and Anticipated Hope Lead Consumers to Prefer Increasing Probabilities of Obtaining a Resource," Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 5 (4), 470-484.

Givi, Julian (2020), "(Not) Giving the Same Old Song and Dance: Givers' Misguided Concerns about Thoughtfulness and Boringness Keep Them from Repeating Gifts," Journal of Business Research, 117 (September), 87-98.

Givi, Julian and Jeff Galak (2020), "Selfish Prosocial Behavior: Gift-Giving to Feel Unique," Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 5 (1), 34-43.

Givi, Julian and Jeff Galak (2019), "The "Future Is Now" Bias: Anchoring and (Insufficient) Adjustment When Predicting the Future from the Present," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 84 (September), 1-18.

Givi, Julian and Jeff Galak (2019), "Keeping the Joneses from Getting Ahead in the First Place: Envy's Influence on Gift Giving Behavior," Journal of Business Research, 101 (August), 375-388.

Givi, Julian and Jeff Galak (2017), "Sentimental Value and Gift Giving: Givers' Fears of Getting It Wrong Prevents Them from Getting It Right," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 4 (October), 473-479.

Galak, Jeff, Julian Givi, and Elanor F. Williams (2016), "Why Certain Gifts Are Great to Give But Not to Get: A Framework for Understanding Errors in Gift Giving," Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25 (6), 380-385.

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