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Susan Lantz Ph.D.

304-293-0667Susan.Lantz@mail.wvu.edu206Business and Economics Building


Susan Lantz Ph.D.

Teaching Associate Professor


Susan Jennings Lantz teaches BCOR 199, and 299, is active with the Campus Read, and has lead WVU study abroad groups to Brazil and Bahrain.  She has spent two summers as a visiting lecturer at the Tianjin University of Finance of Business and Economics, and she teaches a Gender in Business class for the WVU Honors College.  

Before coming to the WVU College of Business and Economics, she spent 22 years working in various areas of the University, including holding positions as the Assistant Director of Student Employment in the Division of Human Resources, the Associate Director of Career Services in Student Affairs, and as the Parent Advocate in the Office of the President.

Her professional interests include gender in business, intergenerational communication in the workplace, and business communication. Her work has appeared in The Bitter SouthernerHuman Resources Magazine, Student Affairs Today, and the CUPA HR Electronic Newsletter.


  • Ph.D. West Virginia University
  • M.A. West Virginia University
  • B.A. West Virginia University

Honors Awards

  • 2015 WVU Marketing Department Award for Outstanding Contribution to Service
  • 2011 Mary Catherine Buswell Award for Service and Advancement for the Women of WVU and the Morgantown Community

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