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Shuichiro Nishioka Ph.D.

Shuichiro Nishioka Ph.D.

Associate Professor


304-293-7875Shuichiro.Nishioka@mail.wvu.edu4114Reynolds Hall View Curriculum Vitae


Shuichiro Nishioka Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. Nishioka's field is International Trade and Economic Development.



Ph.D., Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder

Honors Awards

  • West Virginia University Faculty Senate Research Grant June 2013
  • The Dean's Scholar at College of Business and Economics, WVU April 2012
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (a collaborator to Jinji Naoto), JSPS May 2012-
  • Kennedy-Vanscoy Summer Research Fund for Faculty Development July 2009/2010
  • Summer Research Fund, Department of Economics at WVU June 2008/2009
  • Irving Fisher Article Award, Omicron Delta Epsilon June 2006
  • Irma Adelman Travel Awards, Omicron Delta Epsilon January 2006
  • James C. Campbell Graduate Fellowship, University of Colorado May 2005
  • Joint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship, The World Bank 2003-2005

Recent Publications

  • "Trade Frictions and Market Access of Development Countries: A Product-Level Investigation" (with E. Bempong Nyantakyi and Steve Husted, Review of International Economics, accepted)
  • "Productivity Growth and New Market Entry" (with Steve Husted, Review of World Economics, forthcoming)
  • "Per Capita Income and Missing Trade of Factor Services" (with James Cassing, Review of International Economics, Vol. 23, 2015:p606-619)

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