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Emily Tanner Ph.D.

Emily Tanner Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


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Emily Tanner Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Emily C. Tanner is a faculty member at the College of Business and Economics where she teaches courses in professional selling. Her research focuses on the formation and management of marketing relationships and the outcomes associated with strong relationships. She explores marketing relationships across multiple contexts in three primary research streams: role of emotion in marketing relationships, implications of public policy on relationships and implications of relationship termination.

Before her Ph.D., Dr. Tanner was the Director of Healthcare Sales at Research Now. She was involved in building the healthcare research department and was heavily involved in managing and marketing of the healthcare-related marketing research panels.


  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
  • B.B.A., Texas Christian University

Recent Publications

Mohan, Mayoor, Emily C. Tanner, Kevin E. Voss, Yong-Ki Lee (2019), "Integrating Reciprocity into a Social Exchange Model of Inter-Firm B2B Relationships," Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Tanner, Emily C. and Lixun Su (2019), "Reducing Perceived Vulnerability to Increase Utilization of Nonprofit Services," Journal of Services Marketing, 33 (3), 344-355.

Tanner, John F. and Emily C. Tanner (2018), "Fairytales Don't Come True: The Impact of Aspirational Distance on Teen Pregnancy Prevention Messages," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Tanner, Emily C., John F. Tanner Jr., and Kirk Wakefield (2015), "Panacea or Paradox? The Moderating Role of Ethical Climate," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 35 (2), 175-190.

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