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Gulnara Zaynutdinova Ph.D.

Gulnara Zaynutdinova Ph.D.

Associate Professor


304-293-7836Gulnara.Zaynutdinova@mail.wvu.edu4105Reynolds Hall


Gulnara Zaynutdinova Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. Gulnara R. Zaynutdinova is an Assistant Professor of Finance in the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University. She earned her Ph.D. in Finance and M.A. in Applied Economics from Washington State University. While pursuing her Ph.D. degree, Dr. Zaynutdinova also worked as a lecturer at the University of Idaho.

Dr. Zaynutdinova’s research program falls in the domain of empirical asset pricing and covers the following subfields: institutional investors, market efficiency, and corporate governance. She also has a special interest in energy finance. Her work examines performance and skills of professional asset managers and their role in corporate governance. In addition, her research aims to understand how quickly and efficiently information gets incorporated into asset prices by documenting and exploring various market anomalies (e.g., hazard stocks anomaly, profitability-based anomalies, large price movements’ anomalies, etc.).

Dr. Zaynutdinova has authored scholarly articles in leading finance and business journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Business Research, Financial Review, Journal of Financial Research, and other peer reviewed academic journals.  Dr. Zaynutdinova is a recipient of several research awards. She served as a reviewer for numerous academic journal articles and annual conference programs.

Dr. Zaynutdinova taught online and in-person courses in Financial Management, Financial Institutions, Intermediate Finance, and Investments for undergraduate students. She also developed a Ph.D. course in Investments. Dr. Zaynutdinova received teaching awards at WSU and WVU.


  • Ph.D. Finance, Washington State University
  • M.A. Applied Economics, Washington State University

Honors Awards

  • Summer Salary Research Grant, Chambers College of Business and Economics, WVU (2020, 2021)
  • Runner-Up Best Paper Award, Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Organization, Australia, 2018
  • Research "Survey" Grant, B&E Library Research Committee Award, WVU (2017)
  • Best Paper Award, Investment Track (Doctoral), SWFA (2015)
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Department of Finance, WVU (2017)
  • Award of Excellence in Teaching (university wide award, nominated by students), WSU (2012)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award (nominated by the Department), Carson College of Business, WSU (2012)

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